Peter Guinness

ACP thanks Bulolo district

ACP Guinness said they had difficulties in securing funds to support additional police personnel to accompany the body of the late Mobile Squad 15 member, Senior Constable Bati Guza, to Daru.

He commended the Bulolo MP and Deputy Prime Minister, Sam Basil, and his District Development Authority (DDA) for making it possible for additional MS15 personnel to farewell their colleague for the last time.

The body of the late Senior Constable Guza was laid to rest at his Mur village, Ward 2 area, of Oriomo-Bituri Rural LLG in the South Fly electorate of Western Province.

More Madang arrests anticipated

Assistant Commissioner of Police for Northern Command, Peter Guinness, said police have arrested nine suspects and interviewed six of them already.

After the remaining three are interviewed, police will move on to the second phase of their investigation, which will lead to more arrests.

“They know who they are,” he said. And when the time comes, we’ll call them to come for an interview and they can then go through the process,” said the ACP.

All Are Equal: ACP

The ACP stressed that regardless of one’s social status, all are equal under the law.

His statement follows the re-arrest of eight Madang officials implicated in the misappropriation of K6 million belonging to the Manam Resettlement Authority.

“There is no class, we cannot differentiate between high status in community and grassroots,” he stated.

Highlands Highway drivers cautioned

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Peter Guinness, said drivers must adhere to their company policies when transporting essential goods into the highlands as police will not tolerate their non-compliance.

“Drivers and the owners of the big trucks must take heed of orders that have been made. There is no excuse of being ignorant and arrogant,” said ACP Guinness.

Killings reported following clash over principal’s appointment

The conflict reportedly stemmed from the appointment of a school principal, which did not go down well with some members of the community.

Other government services were also shut down until community leaders agreed to restore peace and normalcy while police continue to do regular visits.

Northern Command aims to improve response time

Assistant Commissioner Guinness made this known when he launched the Obura-Wonenara (O-Wan) Tactical Response Unit at Kainantu in Eastern Highlands Province last week.

Guinness said this is a new concept being introduced in the Eastern part of Eastern Highlands. He said another unit will be established later in Goroka to cater for the Western end.

Lack of leadership and supervision within police department: Guinness

Every police personnel must practise leading roles within the establishment and begin taking into consideration the principles of discipline within every facet of their policing operations.


 This was made known to a discipline workshop recently by ACP Guinness.

 He told the course participants, mostly from the Lae Metropolitan and Morobe Provincial Police Command, that they must take some hard yards when it comes to leadership and management their own sections or units.

Personnel to be deployed for Madang unrest: Wong

This was confirmed by Police Minister Jelta Wong today.

This will boost manpower on ground to deal with the current tense situtaion that followed a standoff between youth and police on Saturday. 

The personnel are expected to depart at 10pm tonight and reach Madang by first light.

They have briefed them on tactics to use at tree felling locations and rules of engagement.

Wong said from their assessment tomorrow morning, they will decide whether or not to request air support for surveillance and insertion to certain locations in the province.

Police aware of early campaigning

Northern Divisional Commander, Peter Guinness, has issued a warning to these people, whose identities are known.

"Such campaigns are against law. Their campaign period is after April 20 when the writs are open,” Guinness said.

"This is against the law. You can be arrested and charged.”

Those who are interested to contest the coming National Elections must wait for the writs to open before they start campaigning.

Three new vehicles, two houses for police

These items were given to police for a partnership program between the community and police to work hand in hand for a better community.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Peter Guinness, said he was overwhelmed when he saw the benefits of the DSIP.

He said if all elected leaders did the same in supporting the work of police, they would see a peaceful and harmonious community.

Guinness was given one of these vehicles, the other one was given to Zifasing police at 41-Mile, along  Okuk Highway, and Water Police picked up the other.