Peter Guinness

Police aware of early campaigning

Northern Divisional Commander, Peter Guinness, has issued a warning to these people, whose identities are known.

"Such campaigns are against law. Their campaign period is after April 20 when the writs are open,” Guinness said.

"This is against the law. You can be arrested and charged.”

Those who are interested to contest the coming National Elections must wait for the writs to open before they start campaigning.

Three new vehicles, two houses for police

These items were given to police for a partnership program between the community and police to work hand in hand for a better community.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Peter Guinness, said he was overwhelmed when he saw the benefits of the DSIP.

He said if all elected leaders did the same in supporting the work of police, they would see a peaceful and harmonious community.

Guinness was given one of these vehicles, the other one was given to Zifasing police at 41-Mile, along  Okuk Highway, and Water Police picked up the other.

Northern Command has 2017 elections plan in place

Divisional Commander for Northern Region, Peter Guinness, says the polling will be made up of 500 officers.

Northern Command is made of the following provinces; Morobe, Madang and the Eastern Highlands provinces.

A team from the Police Divisional Headquarters (PDHQ) will be sent over to visit and assist the PPCs and Metsupt to better understand the operation order so that they can be able to prepare their operation orders.

“Once done, an operational plan will be confirmed.”