Early Campaigning

Police aware of early campaigning

Northern Divisional Commander, Peter Guinness, has issued a warning to these people, whose identities are known.

"Such campaigns are against law. Their campaign period is after April 20 when the writs are open,” Guinness said.

"This is against the law. You can be arrested and charged.”

Those who are interested to contest the coming National Elections must wait for the writs to open before they start campaigning.

Early campaigning by former PM: Parkop

In a statement in response to the announcement, Parkop labeled Sir Mekere’s intentions as early campaigning by a failed former Prime Minister and Member for North West.

Parkop said this was a  desperate attempt to protect his position in PNG Sustainable Development Ltd which he alleges has become Sir Mekere’s personal cash-cow.

"This is a personal feud with the Prime Minister, after PM O’Neill took him to court to try to put an end to Sir Mekere’s corrupted operation of PNG Sustainable.

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