Peter Ipatas

Ipatas Challenges Leaders

He made the comments at Grand Chief Michael Somare’s Haus Krai in Port Moresby last night. 

Governor Ipatas said the next current crop of leaders must aspire to Somare’s vision of developing the nation. 

Representing their Province, the Enga community in Port Moresby were led into the Haus Krai by Enga’s current and former political elite, as well as senior statesmen.

Governor Ipatas said he felt that the country had not reached the vision of Late Grad Chief Sir Michael Somare had.

Respect forefathers: Ipatas

Sir Peter made these remarks at the conclusion of the CLRC public consultation on the review of the Organic Law on National and Local Level Government elections in Enga recently.

He said the country had a good operating system but everyone keeps breaking the laws.

Governor Ipatas made several recommendations which include maintaining the preferential voting system, reducing campaign weeks, increasing nomination fees and adopting of the Electronic voting system.

Calls for more soldiers in Enga

Enga Governor Peter Ipatas says they are seeking to have more soldiers on ground to help deal with the law and order problem in the Province.

He said the soldier’s deployment would be under the NEC sanctioned Call Out for the Southern Highlands, Hela and Enga Province following the devastating earthquake.

Ipatas said since the call out only 20 soldiers were deployed to Enga.

Enga Provincial Police Commander, George Kakas confirmed that 20 soldiers arrived in Enga last Thursday but 10 had to return to Southern Highlands Province.

PPL installs generator for Wabag

PNG Power acting Managing Director, Ms Carolyn Blacklock, and Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas, commissioned the generator on 22 April 2018.

Customers in Wabag are connected to the Ramu Grid supplied by the Ramu Hydro power station at Yonki. When there is a transmission or distribution line fault along the Okuk Highway, it affects the supply to Wabag.

However, this standby generator will quickly restore supply in such situations and continue to supply power to Wabag customers.

Ipatas retains seat

Ipatas reached the absolute majority of 50.1 per cent with 146,000 of the total allowed ballot papers of more than 300,000 votes.

The runner up Jeffrey Balakau secured 66,000 votes after the final elimination.

Meantime, THE party candidate Sandy Talita finished third with 65,000 votes.

Today’s victory will make Sir Peter’s 5th term to be elected into Parliament.

Meanwhile, the counting for Kandep, Lagaip Porgera and Wapenamanda are still in progess.

Election manager Anton Iamau says most of the seats are anticipated to declared by this afternoon.

Ipatas move to PNC legal, says Gelu

Polye said it was unacceptable for a leader of Ipatas calibre to abandon PP and join PNC.

He also said Ipata’s nomination under the PNC banner was a ‘blunder’ and ‘illegal’ and called for the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates, Dr. Alphonse Gelu to de-register both party’s.

He further added “therefore I’m urging very strongly that Dr Gelu sets the precedence without fear or favour to start the de-registration of these two political parties.

Genuine vehicle parts dealer opens branch in Enga

Ela Motors CEO, Takeshi  Abe when officially opening the branch said Ela Motors had a long standing relationship with Enga.

However, he said the decision to open a spare parts operation in Enga was a business decision that had taken two years to consider.

“The future would be decided by business,” he said.

Meanwhile, Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas said although it was a small ccasion, it marked a watershed moment in the history of business in the province.

Enga Governor calls for transfer of powers

Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas made the call last Friday at the Wapenamanda Local Level Government.

He told the 36 councillors gathered that he was in a position to accept and implement powers currently exercised by the National Government because he had the experience to do so, having occupied the position undefeated for 20 years.

Sir Peter’s government alone has been charged by the National Government with distribution of the tuition fee free education funds since it was introduced and the Enga Government has carried out the task without any hitch.

Ipatas visits Enga schools, hands out K727,595

The funds were for a high school, one vocational center, 45 community schools and 72 elementary schools.

When he visited the schools in Kandep, students and the communities converged at the station to await the 2016 last quarter tuition fee free allocation cheques from the Governor.

As the Governor approached, the Kandep District Headquarters building  echoed with  slogans of "Action Governor" and "father of education" along with other chants in Engan.

School after school stomped, Enga style, into the gathering bearing placards.

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