People’s National Congress Party

Sir Julius jumps on PNC bandwagon

He has joined United Resources Party Leader, William Duma, and Powes Parkop, Leader of the Social Democratic Party.

In a joint statement, the group said: “Our coalition of Parties and Independent Members of Parliament have agreed to support a PNC-led Government form the Tenth Parliament of Papua New Guinea.

“Following the 2017 National General Election, PNC has recorded the highest number of Members-elect, and is on-track to have the highest number of Members in this Parliament.

Free Education Policy to be made a law

The ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) Party, led by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill want to make its Free Education Policy into an Act of Parliament.

He also admitted that the policy needs to be reviewed.

“I agree with many of our critics that there have been challenges, it has not been easy but it does not mean that it is a bad policy,” O’Neill said on FM 100 Talk back show on Thursday.    

“We accept criticism of its Free Education Policy but adamant to improve and make it a legal law if PNC forms Government.      

O’Neill responds to Pruaitch

Prime Minister and parliamentary leader for the People’s National Congress Party, Peter O’Neill, made this comment on Wednesday.               

He was referring to statements by Treasury Minister and National Alliance parliamentary leader, Patrick Pruaitch, who has been criticising the running of the economy and funding of the 2017 National Election.

“We have a very good relationship with individual party members of all these parties for over 5 years,” O’Neill told Loop PNG.   

“It is the individual leaders’ ambition and egos, people have to understand.”

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Alternate PM issue not active, says CJ

This is because a case before court is no longer an issue at this stage.

Sir Salamo told the lawyer, Emmanuel Asigau of Pacific Legal Group, to go back and get proper instructions from his client, General Secretary of the Peoples’ National Congress Edward Mike Jondi.

Jondi filed the application in March asking the Court to interpret section 142 (Prime Minister) section 143 (Acting Prime Minister), and 145 (Motions of no confidence) of the Constitution.

PNC holds major fundraiser

120 tables were sold at K50,000 a piece with guests treated to recitals, song performances from Jokema and Tina Arina as well as a progressive interview piece by John Eggins on the progressive benchmark set by the PNC party.

PNC Party leader and Prime Minister Peter O’Neil said despite its young 20 year age group, PNC has been able to form government twice because it has the trust of its colleagues and people.

Sacked Loujaya: Dubbed indecent for defending God

In parliament this week Kouza raised questions about a cabinet decision that was made to allocate 1-2 percent of the proceeds of LNG to the churches.

She says she was in cabinet at that time the decision was made, however when the appropriation bills for the Sovereign Wealth Fund were brought to the floor she found that the decision was not included.

The MP says she had questioned this in caucus meetings and through text messages to the ministers in charge but never got a proper answer.