Police aware of early campaigning

Police are aware of early campaigning going on in rural areas.

Northern Divisional Commander, Peter Guinness, has issued a warning to these people, whose identities are known.

"Such campaigns are against law. Their campaign period is after April 20 when the writs are open,” Guinness said.

"This is against the law. You can be arrested and charged.”

Those who are interested to contest the coming National Elections must wait for the writs to open before they start campaigning.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) said these campaigns are in the form of sporting activities as well, which need to be stopped. It is not proper and affiliated to the national sporting bodies, he said, but popped up during the election period.

Meanwhile, Provincial Police Commander for Morobe, Chief Superintendent Augustine Wampe, said his personnel is ready for the coming national elections.

"We know Morobe is a big province to police due to difficult terrains as well but we are ready to support the work of the Electoral Commission to provide security," he stated.

He said they have more than 500 police personnel, including reserves and former police personnel, to assist them.

The police boss said they will also aid in the roll over program by assisting the office of the Divisional Commander – Northern, with 100 manpower.

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Bustin Anzu