Early campaigning by former PM: Parkop

NCD Govrnor, Powes Parkop, has called on people not to be misled by former Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, after the former parliamentarian announced a possible return to politics.

In a statement in response to the announcement, Parkop labeled Sir Mekere’s intentions as early campaigning by a failed former Prime Minister and Member for North West.

Parkop said this was a  desperate attempt to protect his position in PNG Sustainable Development Ltd which he alleges has become Sir Mekere’s personal cash-cow.

"This is a personal feud with the Prime Minister, after PM O’Neill took him to court to try to put an end to Sir Mekere’s corrupted operation of PNG Sustainable.

"This is a man who has enjoyed all the power and privilege, at both administrative and political levels, but left behind no benefit for our people.

"As a past Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Minister, Chairman of NCD, Member for North West for 15 years, he has had so many opportunities to make a difference, but he did nothing.

"His failures are staggering and almost unbelievable today.

"His Government passed a Law to give immunity from prosecution to BHP so they did not have to comply with the Court Orders that landowners of OK Tedi and Fly River had taken out again BHP and Ok Tedi Mining to dredge the two rivers of sedimentation from the mine.

"This is the same man, whom when Prime Minister, students at UPNG were shot dead by police following the protest against the land mobilisation Program.

In a paid advertorial today, Sir Mekere announced that a decision will be made on whether he contests an NCD seat when there is sufficient support from the people and especially current parliamentarians for a new Government. And in the coming weeks he will gauge whether he has the support base.

“So I have decided that I am prepared to contest one of the NCD seats provided that by the time for nomination I believe there is sufficient support from all quarters, especially current MP’s and intending candidates, for a new government.

“I would stand to help lead a movement for change and reform,” Sir Mekere stated.

Parkop  said if Sir Mekere failed in 15 years in politics what will he be able to achieve in five.

"NCD Residents should note that he is just trying to use them again to pursue his personal power and money agenda.  He has no plan and care for the people of NCD. 

"We all should reject his plans, in each of the four electorates, or we will be just pawns in his greed personal grab for power and misuse of NCDC funding."

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Cedric Patjole