Electoral Roll issues

RO Rescinds Decision

Today at the Gagidu Primary School, Joses said the Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai, gave the order that her initial decision to only use the 2022 roll still stands.

“Ward 4 (Finschhafen Urban) won’t be an exception in this election,” she stated.

“I understand your concerns,” she told those present.

Rol em i no gutpla. Mi wokmeri lo ileksen na mi tokim yupla. Na olsem aste mi tok, responsibility blo gutpla blo rol, em yumi olgeta gat asua.”

2017 Roll Used In Kerema Urban LLG

This issue was raised with the PNG Electoral Commission in Port Moresby to use the 2017 electoral roll as a supplementary list to conduct polling.

 “We received the approval after the Kerema Urban LLG Polling was disrupted last week as many missed out during polling,” Gulf Election Manager and Provincial Returning Officer, Poevare Tore said. 

He said polling teams for the other nine LLGs were also issued the supplementary list from 2017, before they left to conduct the exercise.

Finschhafen Resolves To Use Two Rolls

She made this announcement at the Gagidu Primary School, where a situation arose when voters found out that their names were not in the 2022 electoral roll. 

The LLGs of Finschhafen Urban and Kotte Rural started polling yesterday, while Yabim-Mape and Burum-Kuat started today.

Escorted by security personnel, Joses went to Gagidu primary and addressed the frustrated crowd, where she warned them that using the 2017 roll will open the district to legal implications. 

Eligible Voter Disappointment

The said this is so because the number of voters who voted is much lower than expected eligible voter number.

Ward 8 Councillor for Moem in Wewak Rural LLG was one frustrated Ward Councilor on the count of his people not exercising their democratic right to vote, especially those young people who just became of voting age, while on the other end, unnecessary harassments on the polling officials.

Ernest Ikau, Ward Councilor of Moem Ward 8, said the people were not happy with the way the Electoral Commission conducted the updates of the electoral roll.

Fix Electoral Roll: ACP

Voters get frustrated after standing in line for hours, just to find out that their right to vote has been deprived.

They then turn on polling officials and create disturbances, forcing the police to try to bring the situation under control.

“So many of them in Lae city, the majority of the population in Lae city, their names were not on the common roll,” he stated.

Em displa em kosim bikpla problem. Em i no problem blo mipla. (This caused a lot of problems. It is not our problem.)

Electoral roll causes issues

Frustrated Returning Officer, Kusak Meluk, said a large number of citizens could not vote because their names were not on the electoral roll.

Citizens who wished to vote stood in long lines for hours, just to find out that their names were not on the electoral roll. In frustration, they lashed out at polling officials.

A number of venues had to be closed early because of this, with Meluk saying the electoral roll issue has never been rectified.

“We’re going through the same problem,” he stated. “Something has to be done to rectify this electoral roll issue.

Electoral roll issues in Gaire

Having 3600 eligible voters, not all were able to cast their votes because their names were not listed.

Local woman Maimu Tau, said she sees potential in Hiri-Koiari candidate Kieth Iduhu. Other eligible voters also do, but they cannot vote. 

"The issue here in Gaire is the update of (the) common roll book. Many supporters for Keith Iduhu want to cast their vote however their names are not on the list,” Tau said.

According to Election Manager for Central Province, Peter Malaifeope, all common roll books were related for Central Province.