Police Reduces Over-spending

Police Commissioner, David Manning highlighted this during an administrative update recently in Port Moresby.

He said the purpose of the monitoring system at the back end of 2019, was to reduce anomalies within the payroll. 

“When this exercise first commenced the estimated over spend on payroll was K33m by end of 2019. As of pay 17, 2021 the estimated over-spend has been reduced by 36 percent,” Commissioner Manning said.

Elections Security Preps Underway

The joint task force comprises of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC), PNG Defense Force (PNGDF) and the Correctional Service.
“The Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for the 2022 National General Elections Operations was presented to my office for approval and was signed off. The General Orders are being drafted within the next week or so for briefing to our commanders on the ground,” Commissioner Manning said.

Police Improve Operations

Commissioner Manning stated this when providing an administrative update on what the Constabulary is doing to improve its operations during a recent press conference held together with Minister for Police, William Onglo.

“The work on implementing National Gazette No. G279 on the ‘Abolishment of the Department of Police and the Office of the Secretary for the Department of Police’ is progressing. The Governor General has signed the statutory instrument for the Creation of the Police Administration Wing.

Retirees Guaranteed Entitlements

They will be paid out commencing pay 21. Manning also guaranteed timely payouts for those who will be retiring. 

“Let me personally assure the retirees on behalf of the executive and senior management that this is the first time that the constabulary is in the position where we can responsibly and legally exit our members with grace, if you like. In the past, retirees have had numerous challenges transitioning from working life to post service. 

522 Fraud Cases Investigated

Minister Onglo said bringing disrepute to the force seems to be the only agenda when speaking about the police.

“When was the last time a good PNG policing job goes viral like the selective bad snippets?

“In the last 2 years, RPNGC received through its Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate, 651 cases in total – 487 cases in 2020 and 164 cases in 2021.

“In both years, cases under investigation totaled 522, 383 cases for 2020 and 139 cases for 2021,” he revealed.

The value of the 522 cases totals to a whopping K415.5 million.

Police launch Corporate Plan

The plan sets out six goals in enhancing community policing to keep peace and strengthen rule of law, professionalism in investigations and prosecutions, improving discipline, rehabilitating police infrastructure, developing human resources and creating and strengthening partnerships conforming to government reforms.

RPNGC Commissioner, David Manning said the corporate plan strengthens the RPNGC’s commitment to rebuilding the Police Force, to better serve the people.

Prime Suspect Wounded and Captured

The suspect Polo Peto, who allegedly stabbed a security guard to death which triggered a retaliation and a wave of fights between Hela and Goilala communities living in the city, was also wanted for a string of other murders, according to Badili Police Station Commander Inspector Obert Jerry. 

The PSC said two police units, left Port Moresby last night and travelled to the junction of Goilala and Kairuku Hiri, before capturing Peto at around 12pm today.

Police warns PMV buses

The NCD Traffic Police impounded the buses and fined them K1,000 each using Traffic Infringement Notices. 

The PMV operators were told to pay the fine at the Finance department and produce their official receipts before they could reclaim their buses.

Meanwhile, a man who came out of a PMV along the Hohola section of the Poreporena Freeway was run over and killed over the weekend by a speeding vehicle. 

Police said the victim reportedly came out of a PMV on this route and was crossing the Freeway when he was hit by an ongoing vehicle. 

Policeman arrested for assault

Police confirmed that the police officer was formally arrested, charged and detained at the Boroko Police cell on Friday, 23rd April.

The victim posted on social media detailing the assault that took place on April, 10th, before Bautama along the Magi Highway, Central Province.

The victim was travelling along the highway when she encountered a traffic infringement and was assaulted, she was later assisted by family and locals. 

Alleged Police Assault to be investigated

The alleged victim was said to have been picked up by police, beaten up and threatened to be killed.

Laken Lepatu Aigilo, a lawyer by profession, had alleged that on Sunday, 18th of April, police broke into his home and assaulted him in front of his family and later locked him up.

Aigilo posted on social media detailing the assault, alleging that the move by police was politically motivated.

Police Commissioner David Manning said there was no formal complaint lodged against Aigilo and no arrest was done during the night when he was taken in.