Firecrackers Are Noise Pollution: Police

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Albert Beli is concerned that the noise firecrackers make is disturbing especially at odd hours. He said even during the day when people are not ready for the shots fired, it can cause shock, especially on old people and babies.

PPC Beli made reference to a baby who was shocked and later died at the hospital during the new year celebration in Wewak in 2020. He said the continuous firing of firecrackers shocked the baby and when rushed to the hospital was pronounced dead upon arrival.  

DDA Funds Police Operation

Maprik District Administrator, Joseph Himina and team supported the police with K5700 worth of food for the operation in Maprik district and also assisted them with K30,000 worth of fuel for their operation.

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Albert Beli said the support from the government and the business houses show that the community and the police are working together to fight crime in the district and hopes to see a peaceful celebration all the way into the new year.

Men Held For Possessing Drugs, Weapons

They were travelling in a vehicle at the time when pulled over for inspection. The suspects were carrying offensive weapons, which included bush knives, a homemade gun with live ammunition and marijuana. 

AFP to assist RPNG during 2022 NGE

AFP Assistant Commissioner Jamie Straus outlined during the 1st RPNGC 2022 National Election Security Conference today that they will continue to support the RPNGC through the PNG-Australia Partnership.

“I have been briefed on the unique challenges presented by the National Election and the crucial role the Constabulary will perform to support the National Elections,” said Commissioner Strauss.

Commissioner Strauss outlined that the AFP will support the RPNG in;

PNG Assists Solomon Islands Quell Unrest

The deployment follows Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogovare’s urgent plea to closest neighbour PNG to assist contain the civil unrest.


Commissioner Manning said the request was specific to a support to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force to contain the current civil unrest in the city.

Of the 37 contingent, 14 of the personnel were Correctional Service officers, who were trained in Public Order Management during APEC 2018, while the rest are members of the RPNGC.

Onglo commends Saki Bomb Operation

The inter-agency illicit and narcotic investigation team include the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) headed by Assistant Police Commissioner Special Operations, Donald Yamasombi and officers from PNG Customs Services, and personnel from the Australian Federal Police and the United States Department of Homeland Security.

The operation known as the Operation Saki Bomb busted a methamphetamine lab inside the Sanctuary Hotel, owned by Operations Manager Jamie Pang.

PM condemns actions

He has also summoned the Police Commissioner and Defence Commander to appear before him this morning at 8.30 to provide an explanation, after returning from East New Britain and hearing of the incident.

He said, "I am appalled at the news that members of our two disciplinary forces have resorted to the use of force and breaking of law to resolve a law and order issue.”

"Police and soldiers are supposed to be the most disciplined of people, yet it is very disappointing to see such breakdowns happening and continuing.

Disciplined Forces Clash

Videos circulating on the social media platform, Facebook, showed soldiers hanging onto the sides of a blue ten-seater vehicle, speeding away from the Boroko Police Station, followed by a police vehicle and personnel on foot.

Another video shows a soldier laying on the road. Reports confirmed that the soldier fell off the vehicle and was not shot, as speculated.

Business houses located within the vicinity of the commotion were forced to close their doors for fear of looting by the public.

No one shot: Wagambie

Onglo Vocal On Changes To Dangerous Drug Act

He made this statement after Police uncovered a mini Methamphetamine lab operated by businessman, Jamie Pang last week.

Acting Deputy Police Commissioner - Operations, Donald Yamasombi expressed concern that Police was not able to prosecute Pang because there is no legislation, describing it as a “slap in the face, even though Police have evidence to prove”.   

Minister Onglo said today that he has noted those concerns.