Security agencies lauded for maintaining order

In a statement, Commissioner Manning said the RPNGC and PNGDF are working closely to collate and share information on potential criminal activities that might be instigated while Parliament continues into week two of session that resumes on Tuesday, June 4th.

Roku Villagers Seek Police for Youth Misbehavior

Central Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Laimo Asi was invited to and asked to conduct police patrols in the village and arrest offenders.

PPC Asi responded to the invite and visited the village on Monday where an open dialogue was established, allowing the villagers to voice their concerns.

Police were told that the main crime committed in this community was the vandalism of school properties in the village.

RPNGC selects final 32

The successful candidates will now go through the formal processes of training to take up positions as officers within the Police Force.

The RPNGC recruitment drive for officer cadets started with 500 entries. Through the 6-8 weeks of screening and examinations, they arrived at the final 48. 

On Thursday 27th April at the Rita Flynn Courts in NCD, the RPNGC top management interviewed the final 48, including the only two females.

Police Unit receive timely support

The presentation of the uniforms is part of the districts five-year development plan that will implement four key programs with one being ‘Support to Police Operations’.

Mr Bibilo in his address acknowledged the services delivered by the Police force especially the MS 19 and was happy to show the distict’s support in providing the much needed uniforms to help them continue the good work.

“Mi gat bikpla hamamas that wanpla MS Squad ken base long province na mi luk forward long continued support na wok wantaim long team MS Squad long hia na DDA Board,” said Mr Bibilo.

Major Drug Bust in Kimbe

West New Britian Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector John Allan Iara confirmed that four of the suspects are from East Kove-Kaliai LLG in West New Britain and one is from Wasara in East Sepik.

PPC Iara explained that when the passenger vessel was about 4 nautical miles from Bialla wharf, the suspects threw the bags of marijuana onto an outboard motor that was travelling near the ship.

He said two of the suspects jumped into the boat and sped off. But not without the ship’s captain noticing them and alerting police.

All Political Rallies Must Be Sanctioned

That is the directive from the Highlands Eastern-end Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Rigga Neggi.

He issued this instruction, when condemning the actions of two Hagen Open electorate candidates, William Duma and James Yoka for the disruption caused to government and commercial services in the heart of Mt Hagen city on Tuesday, June 21.

Commander Neggi said the swift response of the security forces on the ground contained the situation but it could have been much worse.

ACP Wagambie welcomes 126 police reservists to NCD/Central Command

ACP Wagambie Junior said the bulk of the 126 reservists were middle class citizens of various professional backgrounds, including lawyers, engineers, accountants and private entrepreneurs, including a former PNG Defence Force lieutenant.

ACP Wagambie said each of the reservists were subjected to a stringent screening process before they were selected and trained as reservists.

Police Commended For Airport Operations

The Police Composite Team comprising officers from Dog Unit, Airport Police and Six Mile Police provided security operations at the airport.

Upon completion of their engagement in January 2022, NAC Managing Director, Rex Kiponge and the management thanked them for their support.

“Festive operation is very important for NAC as we see increased movement of passengers and different types of activities happening and police have been effective in helping us keep Jackson airport secure and safe for the travelling public,” Mr Kiponge said.

Police on the hunt for woman

The shocking and disturbing video which was posted on the internet shows the adult female sexually assaulting an infant.

Police described the video saying, the 2min 24sec video shows the woman undressing herself before abusing the child.

“This is a sick person who must be found, arrested and locked up. No child is safe around this person,” Commissioner Manning said.

Anyone with any information of the identity of the woman are urged to contact Sergeant Job Eremungo of the Family and Sexual Violence Unit on telephone 76526156.

Firecrackers Are Noise Pollution: Police

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Albert Beli is concerned that the noise firecrackers make is disturbing especially at odd hours. He said even during the day when people are not ready for the shots fired, it can cause shock, especially on old people and babies.

PPC Beli made reference to a baby who was shocked and later died at the hospital during the new year celebration in Wewak in 2020. He said the continuous firing of firecrackers shocked the baby and when rushed to the hospital was pronounced dead upon arrival.