Weeklong POM clash halted

The clash resulted in two deaths, seven critical injuries, six houses burnt down and other properties damaged.

Two vehicles, trade stores including six houses were burnt down in the process after failed mediation.

Police intervened early yesterday morning, rounding up to 100 men who were brought to the Gerehu Police Station. 

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou and his men met with both sides, where a compromise was reached between community leaders.

Settlers gather outside stadium for NCD launch

To be officially launched by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, the settlers this morning walked from Eight-Mile to the stadium to witness the event.

Andy Waribi, a leader from the Eight-Mile settlement, said this is a special day as they will be given land titles and have decent lives.

"We have many professional people in the settlement and such initiative by NCD Governor Powes Parkop is a blessing to our people."

He also acknowledged the effort of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill for recognising the people at the settlement and giving them land titles.

Settler dies during alleged forced Madang eviction

This was a spill over from the protest by locals over being bullied in their own land.

The deceased, who was quite sick at that time, tried to escape when he heard police gunshots, but fell down a steep slope and died instantly.

They said on April 9 police came into the settlement, ordering everyone to pack up and get ready to board PMVs that would take them to their province of origin, mostly in the highlands region.

Office records rise in urban migration

This was stated by Executive Director for Urbanisation, Max Kep.

“It is an irreversible tide; a one-way traffic into the cities,” he said.

He pointed out the urban issues and challenges, which include mass migration to town, poverty, drugs, prostitution, land shortages, housing shortage, squatting, marginalising of locals, environmental pollution, lack of resources and capacities to manage issues.

“More towns and cities are becoming informal in housing, marketing and other economic activities.”

Israel approves first new West Bank settlement in 20 years

A statement after a meeting of the country's security cabinet said the construction would take place in the Emek Shilo area near Nablus.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been simultaneously negotiating with the US government on reducing settlement activity.

Palestinian officials have condemned the move.