Jenelyn Kennedy

Kaiwi sentenced to life in prison

When sentencing Kaiwi, Justice Berrigan said the matter is one of the worst kind of murder in history of mankind.

“In my view this is the only sentence that recognises the gravity of the offense because it will ensure that the offender is adequately punished,” she said

On 23 Jun,  2020, the mother of two, Jenelyn died following five days of abuse at the hands of her husband, Kaiwi 27, which he subjected her to unimaginable cruelty. She was 19 years of age at the time of her death.

Bhosip Kaiwi Receives Life Imprisonment for Gruesome Murder of Wife

The trial revealed a shocking tale of brutality and torture that unfolded over five days, highlighting a disturbing level of intention to cause grievous bodily harm and inflict pain and suffering.

The court emphasized the gravity of the crime, stating that Kaiwi held his wife captive in their home, where her children were present, in a gross abuse of trust. The judge described the acts as "torture" and condemned the complete disregard for the victim's life, branding it as a murder of the worst kind.

Laws will be strengthened

This was the stand made by PNG’s Prime Minister James Marape during the late Jenelyn Kennedy’s vigil on the evening of Thursday, July 2nd.

The death of Jenelyn Kennedy brought out a lot of sorrow and anger. The nation came together to call for Justice and an end to Gender-Based Violence.

It triggered outraged as citizens believed the country’s systems and service providers like the Police, had failed to prevent the death of late Jenelyn when her case first came to their attention.

Push for govt action on GBV

They want action against gender-based violence.

Two marches were held today in memory of the late Jenelyn Kennedy as well as those who have lost their lives to gender-based violence.

A large number turned up as early as 10am to show support in the fight against GBV.

Dressed in black, the first march began at the Jack Pidik Park, with protesters chanting: “Stop violence. Justice for Jenelyn Kennedy!”

Kaiwi transferred to Bomana

He will remain in custody there for the remainder of his court case. 

NCD Police gave a brief update of the suspect being moved on Facebook today.

Photos of him carrying a few change and being escorted into an unmarked police vehicle were also shared. 

The 25-year-old from Minj, in Jiwaka Province, was issued a remand warrant for Bomana by Magistrate Tracy Ganai at the District Committal Court on Tuesday June 30th.

His remand warrant was served to him late on Tuesday, and so he spent the night at the Boroko Police station holding cells.

Police Commissioner directs probe into handling of Jenelyn case

Manning said it appears from initial reports that Jenelyn was allegedly living in an abusive relationship with her partner, Bhosip Kaiwi, for over two years.

“What did the authorities, especially police do to protect Jenelyn? Why weren’t interventions made at various stages of this abusive relationship? Where were family members when Jenelyn was tortured during the last five days of her life?

Kaiwi’s court mention moved to June 30

Kaiwi, who was scheduled to appear today for arraignment, did not turn up as court documents regarding his case were not ready.

A large crowd, consisting mostly of late Jenelyn’s relatives, turned up to witness the proceeding, but were told to return tomorrow.

Kaiwi has been charged with wilful murder and remains in the Boroko police station holding cells.

His court appearance would see to a warrant being issued for transfer to the Bomana Corrections facility.

PM tasks police to look into Jenelyn case

“Penalty provisions for domestic violence or any crime for that matter is in our laws and all we need is an effective prosecution. This starts by reporting a crime; standing as witnesses to assist prosecute a criminal, including those involved in domestic violence. Therefore, the police must conduct prosecution accurately without failing,” stated PM Marape.