Kaiwi transferred to Bomana

He will remain in custody there for the remainder of his court case. 

NCD Police gave a brief update of the suspect being moved on Facebook today.

Photos of him carrying a few change and being escorted into an unmarked police vehicle were also shared. 

The 25-year-old from Minj, in Jiwaka Province, was issued a remand warrant for Bomana by Magistrate Tracy Ganai at the District Committal Court on Tuesday June 30th.

His remand warrant was served to him late on Tuesday, and so he spent the night at the Boroko Police station holding cells.

Wife killed over K20

The court described the incident as a killing for “no good reason”.

The Waigani National Court today sentenced Felix Ben, of Ihu, Gulf Province, to serve 30 years in hard labour, over the murder of his young wife, who was also expecting their first child at the time. 

On the evening of 23 December 2018, Ben while intoxicated had an argument with his wife over a K20 that went missing from her bilum.

The court heard that the subsistence farmer took an axe and struck a blow to his wife’s head, causing her to bleed profusely.

Gospel bands visit inmates

The inmates expressed gratitude at being able to listen and fellowship with the gospel groups.

The Bomana Prison ground was filled with the beautiful sounds of the P2UIF band; not the entire band but remnants of the original group. Either way, their voices still reached the hearts of inmates.

This is the first time such bands like P2UIF and Covenant Creed have been invited into the prison grounds to minister to the inmates.

What happens to inmates’ children?

Olivia Warome was sentenced to prison last month where she is serving a sentence of 9 years.

The 30-year-old from Watabung village in Daulo district, Eastern Highlands, left behind two children to go serve her sentence.

She has a six-month-old infant currently in her care at Bomana however, she is raising concerns about her other children.  

She said most times the children they leave behind have their rights breached.

“They are not going to school, maybe they are not eating well,” stated Warome.

Bomana road in shameful condition

This road has not seen any improvement over the past years.

Bomana Jail Commander, Haraha Kiddy Keko, said despite the facility being located outside of Port Moresby, it should be in the same condition as roads and settlements in the city.

“It’s a public asset and institution and yes I’d like to ask our leaders to include the institution in their planning, if there is a 5 year development plan, to include the prison.

Inmates join in Easter programs

Those from the minimum security unit compound will join in the Stations of the Cross walk tomorrow in Port Moresby, after permission was sought from the Bomana jail Commander Haraha Kiddy Keko.

Those who remain within the confinement of the rehabilitation facility will take part in other spiritual programs, including a crusade that will be held on Friday night at the main compound. 

“I’d like to also all inmates and my colleagues a happy celebration with a well thought out, with the spiritual lessons on everyone," stated Keko. 

NCD Taskforce to start arms training

The training will deal with the legal use of firearms and weapons handling.

The 45 police personnel will be up at the Bomana police college to undergo this vital aspect of training.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Perou N'Dranou, says so far, the unit members are maintaining endurance training with tactical aspects of the course now to be undertaken.

The unit is an initiative under the bylaws for the metropolitan command to establish an elite response unit in the city.

Genuinely ill detainees hard hit

“Because of a few things, many innocent, genuinely sick detainees will have to face the consequences as well,” says Bomana jail commander, Haraha Keko.

Speaking to this newsroom, Keko said this is a challenge for him and his management team to address and maintain the status quo. This is to avoid complicated situations with prisoners, especially at Bomana.

Keko said they had spoken to the inmates earlier this week to help contain their anger and frustrations over the indefinite ban.

Better coordination needed between police, CS

Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou’s statement follows the re-arrest of CS convict, Paul Pisa, at the Waigani courthouse last Thursday.

Police were not aware of the leave of absence granted to Pisa from the Correctional Service facility at Bomana.

This was until they arrested him and brought him back to Bomana only to find out from CS officers that he was granted a LOA.

N’Dranou said if prisoners of such are out on a leave of absence, police should be made informed as these persons are convicted prisoners and are a threat to the general public.

VIDEO: Prisoners vote

Only a handful of eligible voters participated in what was described as a peaceful polling.


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