Haraha Keko

Article misrepresented wardens: Commander

Haraha Keko’s statement follows a report on the front page of one of the dailies claiming wardens were uncooperative.

An investigating team consisting of the  assistant commissioner, Chief Superintendent Henry Wavik, and two others, were sent up to the facility on Monday to talk with CS warders, whereby investigations were believed to be concluded on Thursday.

He says as commanding officer of the jail, he did not forbid any warden from speaking to the investigating team during the evolvement of enquiry.

Genuinely ill detainees hard hit

“Because of a few things, many innocent, genuinely sick detainees will have to face the consequences as well,” says Bomana jail commander, Haraha Keko.

Speaking to this newsroom, Keko said this is a challenge for him and his management team to address and maintain the status quo. This is to avoid complicated situations with prisoners, especially at Bomana.

Keko said they had spoken to the inmates earlier this week to help contain their anger and frustrations over the indefinite ban.

Detainee allegedly escaped from PMGH

Directions on the ban of the detainees’ leave of absence were carried out, which saw prisoners on medical LOAs be exempted from hospitals and transferred back to Bomana CS facility immediately.

Among those taken out of the Port Moresby General Hospital, one prisoner, Liam Morgan, was not found in his bed. It is believed he escaped from custody prior to his removal.