Inmates join in Easter programs

Inmates at Bomana will join other Christians around the world in remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ over the weekend.

Those from the minimum security unit compound will join in the Stations of the Cross walk tomorrow in Port Moresby, after permission was sought from the Bomana jail Commander Haraha Kiddy Keko.

Those who remain within the confinement of the rehabilitation facility will take part in other spiritual programs, including a crusade that will be held on Friday night at the main compound. 

“I’d like to also all inmates and my colleagues a happy celebration with a well thought out, with the spiritual lessons on everyone," stated Keko. 

“We need to know that because there is God, we all exist and that’s what’s become of Bomana.

“Bomana has acknowledged God, that’s why we haven’t had any big issues with break outs especially, I would like to commend my prison staff for being part of me and coming this far, helping to retain what we are supposed to do, and that’s retain containment so that public at large can feel safe to walk around."

Sally Pokiton