Better coordination needed between police, CS

The need for better coordination of information between the police and Correctional Service was highlighted this morning by the NCD police boss.

Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou’s statement follows the re-arrest of CS convict, Paul Pisa, at the Waigani courthouse last Thursday.

Police were not aware of the leave of absence granted to Pisa from the Correctional Service facility at Bomana.

This was until they arrested him and brought him back to Bomana only to find out from CS officers that he was granted a LOA.

N’Dranou said if prisoners of such are out on a leave of absence, police should be made informed as these persons are convicted prisoners and are a threat to the general public.

He explained that when the matter was reported, police thought he was an escaped prisoner.

“The confusion could have been avoided if we were aware of it. What can we do about it when we’re not aware of it?”

N’Dranou said the system should allow for information to be made available to police and the general public so such arrangements would not inconvenience the public and instill fear in communities.

He adds that they have been having daily dialogue with the CS but it was just unfortunate that they were not privy to this particular information.

Pisa was found guilty last year by the Waigani National Court for sexually assaulting a girl, who was a minor in 2013, which resulted in her having a child.

The incident took place between Sept 1 and Sept 18, 2013, when the girl was 15 years of age.

(File pic of Perou N’Dranou)

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