Gospel bands visit inmates

Inmates at the Bomana Prison in Port Moresby were treated to some spiritual food, thanks to Gospel group P2UIF and Covenant Creed.

The inmates expressed gratitude at being able to listen and fellowship with the gospel groups.

The Bomana Prison ground was filled with the beautiful sounds of the P2UIF band; not the entire band but remnants of the original group. Either way, their voices still reached the hearts of inmates.

This is the first time such bands like P2UIF and Covenant Creed have been invited into the prison grounds to minister to the inmates.

They brought with them a message of hope, telling inmates that even though they are physically in prison, there are others out there who, despite being free, struggle to live with themselves because of stresses.

A special acknowledgement was made to the female inmates, mentioning their strength as women and their ability to look after their families despite the odds.

Meantime Acting Chief Superintendent, Haraha Kiddy Keko, spoke on the importance of spiritual development.


Meredith Kuusa