Kaiwi transferred to Bomana

The suspect in the murder of Jenelyn Kennedy, Bhosip Kaiwi, has been transported up to the Bomana Corrections facility.

He will remain in custody there for the remainder of his court case. 

NCD Police gave a brief update of the suspect being moved on Facebook today.

Photos of him carrying a few change and being escorted into an unmarked police vehicle were also shared. 

The 25-year-old from Minj, in Jiwaka Province, was issued a remand warrant for Bomana by Magistrate Tracy Ganai at the District Committal Court on Tuesday June 30th.

His remand warrant was served to him late on Tuesday, and so he spent the night at the Boroko Police station holding cells.

It is understood he will be processed at the CS Test Compound first, before he joins others awaiting court. 

Kaiwi’s personal safety was raised in his court mention on Tuesday, but the decision of where to place him will be up to the Correctional Services.

Salome Vincent