10 years jail time for Wartoto

This case involved the misuse of funds allocated and paid to Sarakolok West Transport (SWT) for the renovation of facilities at the Kerevat National High school back in November of 2008.

Justice George Manuhu of the Waigani National Court sentenced Wartoto to 10 years in hard labor.

Four years of that sentenced will be suspended if he repays K3.9 million in the next four months.

Joint Forces College completes training

Since the reintroduction of the Joint Forces College (JFC) earlier this year, this conference is the first review of the JFC Trending Management Plan (TMP) hosted by the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

The closing ceremony was witnessed by the training commandants of the disciplinary forces who believed that reintroduction of the JFC was a step in the right direction.

Gordon Police take on housing matters

This issue has been raised countless times with the latest being early this year and even late last year regarding the housing issue for policemen and women that are residing at the Gordon police barracks single quarters.

The barricade put up this morning at Gordon police barracks came about as an aftermath frustration of a fire that had almost taken place last Friday in the single quarters.

Police families moving to Bomana

This move comes after a barricade was put up at 4am today to protest the longstanding police accommodation issue in the National Capital District.

NCD/Central Commander, Sylvester Kalaut, said has no choice but to respond to the woes of his policemen.

A good number of families have already made their way up to the Barracks to claim their homes and clean up around the houses.

"We cannot wait any longer so we are going to make the move ourselves, given the okay by our good commander to move in regardless," says the wife of an officer.

Man jailed for 2 years over homemade gun

The 28-year-old man was previously convicted with attempted rape and served six months at Bomana.

Samson Dasi was arrested on Jan 11 and charged with being in possession of an offensive weapon, a charge under Section 12(1) of the Summary Offense Act.  

He appeared before Magistrate Maristella Painap on Friday where he pleaded guilty to making the homemade gun himself.  The gun was found on him at the market after police searched him.

Vaki acquitted of contempt charges

A unanimous decision of the three-man Supreme Court bench was handed down today at 1.30pm, a short time after another Supreme Court bench consisting of three other judges dismissed the appeal filed by 40-year police veteran Toami Kulunga against his conviction and sentence.

While Kulunga will serve his seven months’ jail term at Bomana for contempt of court charges, Vaki is now a free man after the Supreme Court set aside his conviction and sentence, acquitting him on two charges of contempt of court.

Kulunga to serve prison term at Bomana

The decision of the court to dismiss the appeal did not go down well with family members of the former commissioner, who wept openly in the court room, expressing their disappointment after the decision.

Two of the three judges sitting in a Supreme Court bench today ruled by majority, to dismiss his appeal, saying the trial judge did not make any error in convicting him for contempt of court and imposing a sentence of seven months in prison.

This week in court - Review

After a successful appeal, 42-year-old Taita Prichard from Bereina, Central province who is a naturalized Australian citizen was freed on Thursday.

A three-man Supreme Court bench acquitted her after it upheld her appeal, setting aside her conviction and sentence of 30 years with hard labor.

She was sentenced on Feb 12 this year after the Waigani National Court convicted her on Nov 11, 2015 for planning and using her cousin to murder her former lover, British man John Hulse in 2011 at Napanapa outside Port Moresby.

​One dead in Hit and Run Accident

The male victim, believed to be from Tabubil, Western Province was tragically hit by a route 16 PMV bus when he was crossing the road to the nearby bus stop opposite where he lives.

According to an eye witness Ato Hengepe, the man looked as if he had a knee problem and was struggling to cross the road quickly when he met his fate.

Bomana hosts public servants soccer challenge


Due to the construction of facilities in preparation for the FIFA U20 women’s world cup, the competition is staged at Bomana next to the Police College.

Most team in the competition was supported by government departments as many public servants are taking part in the footy.

However, two large area have been cleared as games were run smoothly in the last three weeks with two fields catering for close to thirty corporate teams in the six divisions including Men’s A league and men’s B and Women’s A and Women’s B including U19’s.