Haraha Kiddy Keko

No doctor at Bomana prison

Bomana Jail Commander Haraha Kiddy Keko made this known recently.

The Bomana rehabilitation centre does not have a doctor at its medical facility and Commander Keko admitted the issue of not having a doctor at the prison to attend to inmates is beyond his control.

“Our director health services need to look at it at the headquarters level so they can organise that.

Bomana road in shameful condition

This road has not seen any improvement over the past years.

Bomana Jail Commander, Haraha Kiddy Keko, said despite the facility being located outside of Port Moresby, it should be in the same condition as roads and settlements in the city.

“It’s a public asset and institution and yes I’d like to ask our leaders to include the institution in their planning, if there is a 5 year development plan, to include the prison.

Salika: All prisoners should be treated the same

Sir Gibbs said this in court after the Bomana Jail Commander, Haraha Kiddy Keko, appeared before him to explain why certain prisoners were granted extended leave of absence periods and were serving the terms in hospitals and in tertiary institutions.

“Many people will regard this as unfair. The little people are serving time while the big people are doing that. Any prisoner should be treated the same. There is no special provision under law,” said Sir Gibbs.