Babuaf LOA delivers streetlights

The LOA, which represents the Babuaf tribe one of three SML10 landowner groups for the Wafi-Golpu Project, had used funding grants provided by the Morobe Provincial Government and Mineral Resources Authority to provide this service to their communities.
Babauf LOA President, Jack Raban, said they used the funds to secure and construct 12 streetlights to the value of K15,000 and delivered them to churches along the Watut River, including Mafanazo, Uruf, Wampan, Morom, Tsilitsili, Bencheng, Malarina and Wawas villages. 

Police Reduce NCD Easter Crime

the police presence around the main crime hotspot areas in the National Capital District during the long Easter season has resulted in fewer serious crimes reported.

There were tents set up throughout the city by the police station commanders and their members who did motorist and foot patrols during the five-day operation that started on Thursday and ended on Monday.

The positive result came about because of the efforts that hard-working police officers had put into making their time available in all the hot spots around the city.

Universal Church Easter gifts

In Port Moresby, the main church was again able to reach more than 500 needy adults and children, giving out food packages, clothes packs and snacks for children.

Universal Church in PNG holds a bi-monthly Uni-social event where homeless and needy people on the streets go in for a feed and to receive a food pack at the church.

This time, it was a collaborative event in 142 countries including PNG. 

PNGTPA Donates to Easter Event

The Visit Papua New Guinea campaign, through the Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA), donated K7,000 to support the park in these activities.

Abuti Kevin, Director of Corporate Affairs at PNGTPA, commended the park for providing a safe environment for leisure activities and education on natural environment conservation in Papua New Guinea.

She also encouraged families to register early for the park's events and enjoy the fun activities, delicious food, and natural atmosphere.

Immigration officers, soldiers arrested during Easter

The four officers were among seven arrested for drunk driving in Lorengau.

PPC Manus, Chief Inspector David Yapu, was frustrated to see the Immigration officers with PNGDF soldiers and civilians misusing hired vehicles, drinking alcohol and driving around in vehicle intended for the use of refugee operations on the island.

Police allege the group, while under the influence of alcohol, also went to a residence and assaulted the owner of a house at ward 1 as well as damaged his properties.

Special Lae police Easter operations

General policing and drunk patrols will be conducted to ensure that the Easter long weekend is celebrated peacefully. 

“We ask that the public observe why Easter is celebrated. It is a celebrated on the Christian calendar and is a time to attend church,” stated police.

The law enforcers will be deployed to all parts of the City to ensure that people move about freely.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, urged the Lae public to respect others by cutting down on noise pollution and drunken behaviour.  

Cardinal Ribat welcomes Cross

Around midday today, Cardinal Sir John Ribat welcomed the cross brought in by the congregation and parishioners of St Paul.

Despite the extreme heat of the sun, the congregation came in numbers, escorted by traffic police, to the final station.

Cardinal Sir John made an entrance to bless the Cross before it was to be brought into the church.

The veneration of the Cross is scheduled to take place at 3pm this afternoon.

This is known to be the ‘Hour of the Lord’ and believed to be the time that Jesus died on the Cross.

Waiting for the cross

The faithful and enthusiastic who walked the way of the cross this morning in the nation’s capital each have a reason why they walk.

For one 18-year-old, Theo Aron, he did not walk the way of the cross, rather he woke up from his sleeping area under the Waigani freeway tunnel as police came in to move them out in anticipation of the walk passing through.

Police show support during Walk

Loop PNG observed the men and women in blue holding off traffic and providing escort to the front and the rear of the procession.

The Superintendent of operations, Michael Tilae, says this is part of the normal police operations for the city during the Easter season.

The police were out since 3am along the Cross route and helping to hold off traffic as well.

Inmates join in Easter programs

Those from the minimum security unit compound will join in the Stations of the Cross walk tomorrow in Port Moresby, after permission was sought from the Bomana jail Commander Haraha Kiddy Keko.

Those who remain within the confinement of the rehabilitation facility will take part in other spiritual programs, including a crusade that will be held on Friday night at the main compound. 

“I’d like to also all inmates and my colleagues a happy celebration with a well thought out, with the spiritual lessons on everyone," stated Keko.