Bomana road in shameful condition

The road leading to the Bomana prison remains a shame for an institution that accommodates all of Papua New Guinea.

This road has not seen any improvement over the past years.

Bomana Jail Commander, Haraha Kiddy Keko, said despite the facility being located outside of Port Moresby, it should be in the same condition as roads and settlements in the city.

“It’s a public asset and institution and yes I’d like to ask our leaders to include the institution in their planning, if there is a 5 year development plan, to include the prison.

“It’s a road to another institution that services the people, whether they are in prison or outside of prison, we all need to have the same kind of service experienced in the city.

“In some settlements, the roads are upgraded,” Commander Keko said.

The rehabilitation institute was set up back in the early ‘60s.

It currently has 669 inmates in total. 91 are awaiting trial in the National Court while 152 remandees have their cases undergoing the Committal Court process.

“So yes I’m asking, if there’s any way they should help, they should help. We are also taxpayers,” Commander Keko added.

Sally Pokiton