NCD Taskforce unit

NCD arrest statistics on par

NCD police boss Perou N'Dranou says the unit has, in the last month, produced great arrest numbers.

A challenge that was recently highlighted was the backlog of police cases that was slow to produce turn around results. N’Dranou says this is one area that he will need to tighten up his command on.

The NCD metropolitan superintendent this week issued a challenge to all units and stations under his command to improve on the area of cases and arrests being processed and made.

NCD Taskforce to start arms training

The training will deal with the legal use of firearms and weapons handling.

The 45 police personnel will be up at the Bomana police college to undergo this vital aspect of training.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Perou N'Dranou, says so far, the unit members are maintaining endurance training with tactical aspects of the course now to be undertaken.

The unit is an initiative under the bylaws for the metropolitan command to establish an elite response unit in the city.