Bhosip Kaiwi

Kaiwi sentenced to life in prison

When sentencing Kaiwi, Justice Berrigan said the matter is one of the worst kind of murder in history of mankind.

“In my view this is the only sentence that recognises the gravity of the offense because it will ensure that the offender is adequately punished,” she said

On 23 Jun,  2020, the mother of two, Jenelyn died following five days of abuse at the hands of her husband, Kaiwi 27, which he subjected her to unimaginable cruelty. She was 19 years of age at the time of her death.

Bhosip Kaiwi Receives Life Imprisonment for Gruesome Murder of Wife

The trial revealed a shocking tale of brutality and torture that unfolded over five days, highlighting a disturbing level of intention to cause grievous bodily harm and inflict pain and suffering.

The court emphasized the gravity of the crime, stating that Kaiwi held his wife captive in their home, where her children were present, in a gross abuse of trust. The judge described the acts as "torture" and condemned the complete disregard for the victim's life, branding it as a murder of the worst kind.

Magistrate firm with decision

Magistrate Ganaii, after deliberating on his Section 96 statement of the District Court Act read out on 17th of May, said there was sufficient evidence to commit the matter to a higher court.

Kaiwi was charged with the wilful murder of his partner and mother to his children, Jenelyn Kennedy, in 2020.

In his Section 96 statement, Kaiwi had submitted that the autopsy report did not pinpoint the cause of death of his late partner, Kennedy.

Magistrate Ganaii, while responding, said the medical report did establish a cause of death.

Kaiwi refused bail

Acting Judge Paul Tusais handed down the decision this afternoon.

In his decision, Acting Judge Tusais said  the accused Bhosip Kaiwi is likely to interfere with the witnesses in this matter and that the case consist of serious assaults that is why the bail will not be granted.

Bhosip Kaiwi applied to the National Court for bail on four grounds. That he had pre-existing asthmatic condition prior to his arrest which he has not been receiving medical attention at the Bomana Correctional Facility clinic.

Kaiwi’s transfer application dismissed

Justice Panuel Mogish today ruled in favour of the State Solicitor, who was of the view that the application was incompetent.

Kaiwi’s lawyer argued that the defendant’s safety would be at risk, hence it would be safer for him at Boroko.

However, the judge ruled that the situation cannot be preempted and that administrative process be allowed to continue. 

Commissioner confirms Kaiwi’s assault

The assault was reported to Commissioner Pokanis by lawyers representing Kaiwi, after they visited their client at the CS Test Compound, located at the CS Training College.

In a press conference today, Commissioner of the PNG Correctional Service Stephen Pokanis, confirmed 25-year old remandee Bhosip Kaiwi was physically assaulted by CS officers after he was taken to the CS Isolation facility, known as the Test Compound, at the CS Training College in Bomana.

Manning clarifies Correctional Services protocol

Manning made this clarification in response to concerns that the Bomana Prison facility is treating remandee Bhosip Kaiwi, charged this week for the killing of Jenelyn Kennedy, different from others going into prison.

“I am advised by CS Commissioner Stephen Pokanis that all detainees admitted to the Bomana prison will be isolated at its designated isolation centre for 14 days prior to release into the general prison population,” Manning outlined.

Kaiwi to be in quarantine

The Test Compound was established since the COVID-19 State of Emergency was imposed, to ensure prisoners are not vulnerable to a coronavirus breakout.

This morning, NCD Police and CID transferred the 25-year-old to the Bomana Correctional Services Training Centre, where the Test Compound is located.

Officer in Charge of the CS Test Compound Inspector Joe Yamason, confirmed that Kaiwi will remain there as per COVID-19 quarantine protocols, and then be moved to the main compound.

Kaiwi transferred to Bomana

He will remain in custody there for the remainder of his court case. 

NCD Police gave a brief update of the suspect being moved on Facebook today.

Photos of him carrying a few change and being escorted into an unmarked police vehicle were also shared. 

The 25-year-old from Minj, in Jiwaka Province, was issued a remand warrant for Bomana by Magistrate Tracy Ganai at the District Committal Court on Tuesday June 30th.

His remand warrant was served to him late on Tuesday, and so he spent the night at the Boroko Police station holding cells.

Kaiwi issued remand warrant for Bomana

Kaiwi, who has been charged with the alleged wilful murder of Jenelyn Kennedy, appeared for his first mention this morning.

He was brought to the District Court facility in an unmarked police vehicle and under heavy escort by CID officers.

Magistrate Tracy Ganai presided over the matter.

She explained that today’s mention was to read to Kaiwi his charges – which she did and he understood. 

The magistrate had asked Kaiwi if he understood that he was being charged with wilful and unlawful murder under section 299 (1) of the PNG Criminal Code.