Laws will be strengthened

Where possible laws will be strengthened to protect women and girls of this country.

This was the stand made by PNG’s Prime Minister James Marape during the late Jenelyn Kennedy’s vigil on the evening of Thursday, July 2nd.

The death of Jenelyn Kennedy brought out a lot of sorrow and anger. The nation came together to call for Justice and an end to Gender-Based Violence.

It triggered outraged as citizens believed the country’s systems and service providers like the Police, had failed to prevent the death of late Jenelyn when her case first came to their attention.

 “I am here today to assure Jenelyn’s family and those who come after Jenelyn that those who choose to participate in violence at home; our government under the Police Ministry, our government under the sister government Ministry, our government under the law and Justice Sector Ministry we will look into the laws. 

If there is room for strengthening of laws, we will do so to ensure our daughters, our sisters and our wives of this country do not grow up in fear of being murdered and abused in their homes”, continued Prime Minister Marape.

The voices of those who participated in the protest were heard.

“We must put a stop to violence against women, meri i no propeti blong yu.

“Doesn’t matter how much bride price you may have paid to the family. Traditionally you pay bride price to appreciate the family. You don’t pay pride price to own the woman”, said Prime Minister.

The vigil night was moving and empowering. It promises a better outcome for those seeking safety and refuge from their abusive partners.

Jemimah Sukbat