Woman harassed in public

Governor Parkop said the incident is unacceptable and a shameful act of violence.

While Police is yet to establish facts surrounding the incident, NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu said it was a family tussle that unruly youths took advantage of.

“A lone policeman motor cyclist was passing by and noticed a policeman. He realized a Papuan female was being harassed and he intervened. He was initially told it was a family affair but then noticed youths taking advantage of the crowded bus stop area at the Gordons bookmarkers area.

GBV Committee Makes Call To Action

The committee has come together once more in preparation for the August parliament sitting. A report will be produced to include concrete, practical recommendations for action, aimed at reducing levels of GBV across the country and improving responses for GBV Survivors.

Late Jenelyn farewelled

Though she was gone too soon, her death was not in vain as it shone a light on the gender-based violence pandemic in the country.

Nearly three weeks after her tragic death, allegedly at the hands of her partner, her body was finally laid to rest at the Nine-Mile cemetery this afternoon.

Jenelyn’s death has brought strangers together and forged alliances throughout the country as people stood together to fight against gender-based violence.

Laws will be strengthened

This was the stand made by PNG’s Prime Minister James Marape during the late Jenelyn Kennedy’s vigil on the evening of Thursday, July 2nd.

The death of Jenelyn Kennedy brought out a lot of sorrow and anger. The nation came together to call for Justice and an end to Gender-Based Violence.

It triggered outraged as citizens believed the country’s systems and service providers like the Police, had failed to prevent the death of late Jenelyn when her case first came to their attention.

Media’s role in GBV reporting challenged

The workshop highlighted approaches to writing sensitive issues especially when reporting on Family and Sexual Violence and Sorcery related violence.

The importance of protecting survivors and victims as well as awareness to change public mindsets was top of the agenda.

Deputy Executive Officer of CIMC, Henry Yamo, said gender based violence incidences are reported everyday on the media, however the challenge is to give more distinction to gender base violence incidences in media reporting.

‘What legacy are we leaving behind for our children?’

They are Pym Mamindi and Pinjiki Wak from the Western Highlands Province.

“Why are our grown men allowing unproven, backward thinking mentality hold us back from going forward as a people. It is so easy to pick on the vulnerable women and children in our communities to channel our insecurities and fears, but what sort of a legacy are we leaving for our children and theirs to come?” asked Pinjiki Wak in disbelief.

Police will not tolerate domestic violence: N’Dranou

Police recently confirmed cases of sexual harassment at the work place and domestic violence on female victims.

The first case took place two weeks ago on a Thursday at Harness Energy at Napanapa which saw the case being reported to the Town Police station.

NCD Police Boss, Perou N’Dranou confirmed the report with the Town police station commander who said that the suspect was formerly employed by Harness Energy but has now been terminated after the domestic violence incident.

He was arrested and later released on bail last week.

British film crew captures GBV agenda in Pom

Cole and his crew, Luke Jacobs (Director of Photography), Thomas McMahon (Camera Assistant) and Nicholas Jon Davie (Sound Recordist) were in Port Moresby for a 10-day video shoot with the women and child rights organisation, Equal Playing Field.

The film crew were focused on understanding some of the drivers of gender-based violence in Port Moresby’s urban communities.

GBV agenda hits parliament

The East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird, made references to the recent pack rape of six female students, the attempted kidnapping of a female media person and the torture case of a six year old girl.

Governor Bird spoke about outstanding cases of abuse and violence perpetrated towards women in the country.

The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill in response said that this is an important agenda given that the large majority of our population are equally concerned.

CIMC applauds Govt on budget allocations towards social issues

This allocation will include K10 million to Sorcery awareness and K10 Million to gender-based violence.

“I commend and thank the Prime Minister and the NEC, including the Minister of Department of National Planning and Monitoring for hearing our cries.

“It’s long overdue and I urge the responsible implementing agencies to continue to work in partnership with stakeholders and effectively deliver on outcome”, said Yakam.

Yakam also praised the reported focus on funding targeted at gender equality as this is fundamental in overcoming violence against women.