Hill House staff shot dead

A worker of the Hill House Inn at Garden Hills, Port Moresby, was shot dead in front of his place of work building earlier today.

According to eyewitnesses, the deceased known only as Mr Ani of Asian origin, was returning from the bank when he met his fate.

Eyewitnesses said Mr Ani was driving into the building carpark when four men emerged from a grey Sedan that was following closely behind, and one of the suspects shot the unsuspecting Mr Ani, through the driver’s window at close range. He died instantly. The suspects fled the scene after they removed valuable items from Mr Ani’s car.

A male resident rushed Mr Ani to the Emergency Ward at the Pacific International Hospital. He said he heard the gunshots and rushed down from his house, only to find Mr Ani dead in his vehicle.

He said he called a police Fox Unit while driving to the hospital. Police attended to the crime scene with members of the National Forensics team.

The man said, “We were here when the vehicle came and they held him up. They shot him and removed the items in his vehicle. I heard gunshots. I came down and saw him in the vehicle so (I) removed him and took him to the hospital. He died.”

More updates to come.