National Capital Disitrct (NCD)

Four fishermen found

The survivors, Maku Dai, Frank Doura, Gabi Lohia and Lohia Nou were seen drifting on the waters of Amazon Bay about 251 kilometers away from Port Moresby by road, however, longer by sea when villagers from Domara village in Amazon Bay saw the men. 

The four men had lost their anchor by the storm so used their outboard motor as the anchor. 

Police presence prevent crime

While commenting on what the sector patrol units are doing around the city, he commended his men for stepping up in the fight against crime in the city. 

"We will continue to do that by showing our presence throughout the city through motorist and foot patrols," Metsupt Sika said. 

Sika was pleased with the officers who responded to a situation at Erima yesterday evening which prevented a crime from happening. 

Stolen vehicles recovered

Police reported that they were recovered on the same day and in good condition. Police patrol units recovered one at Gerehu and the other at Konebodu.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika also urged the public to be more security conscious when moving about the city. 

"Sooner there will be a technology that will be established in the entire city that will enhance police performance. Otherwise I take my hat for every individual member for the resilience in this critical time," Sika said. 

9s off to a flying start

The National Football Stadium will play host to the tournament over the next few days from Sunday 18 December to Saturday 24 December 2022.

This tournament is an opportunity for local teams to showcase their talents as the Port Moresby-based players stomp for glory against the small names.

In the first five matches of the day, there were pleasing results recorded in Pool A, B and C matches.

NCD Schools remain suspended

Dr Kombra referred to two circulars that were issued to all the provinces, all institutions and authorities before the National General Elections which gave guidelines to Education Boards and communities in making decisions for schools in relation to elections.

The first one was the Secretary’s Circular Instruction No 5; which specify exactly what schools and teachers should do, prior to the elections, during and after elections.