Member for Moresby South

Tkatchenko fed up of Koki Crime

He said the new police station that will cater for Police officers every day will acquire more opportunists to be captured in that area and allow a more free and safe environment for citizens.

Tkatchenko said for many years opportunities were given to the people to become productive and positive change in the society. He said the change in Boroko Precinct should be done in Koki as well.

“Papua New Guinea is my home”

This was in response to "online trolls" who criticized his eldest daughter’s Tiktok video of a lavish trip to London.

Tkatchenko made the comment to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) amid a nationwide outrage over the member’s daughter Savannah and her taxpayer-funded trip to the King’s Coronation.

He stated, “A lot has been said in the media and on social media in the recent weeks and the people of our nation want to know the truth of what was said and how it was intended and how this was manipulated and what was actually meant by my words.

TVET Application is FOC

He said this after the delivery of this year’s tuition assistance totaling K710,000 last Friday at the Moresby South Fitness Centre.

MP Tkatchenko said for the 2023 academic year they will start early in organizing training courses, education systems, subsidies, FODE and other education programs over the next coming months.

MP Lauds Performance

Both teams played well into the final play-offs at the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium. Tkatchenko said even though the Moresby South teams lost their respective matches, he was impressed with as they come out as runners up.

Waidex lost in the Pepsi Cup finals to TI Vikings 36- 25 while in the bowl Stingrays went down to Kone Tornados 8-4.  

It was a close first half with Waidex trailing 18- 19 but let the game slip off in the second half to the opposition scoring 18 points to 7 going down by 11 margin.  

Settlement welcomes K449,000 water project

This was the comment from Member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko, when he was officiating at a ground breaking ceremony for the people living in Vanama and New Block.

The water project is K449, 000 in total cost.

Tkatchenko says this has been the aim for the next five years and more is yet to come for the people of Moresby South.

"You are no different from the people living up in the hill therefore, you must also enjoy the same privileges," he told the residents this morning.

Local fisherman missing out on space to sell catch

However, some local fishermen have raised concern that there is still not enough space for some of them to sell their catch at the newly opened market.

Some Fisherman Islanders had to return home with their catch as there was not enough bench space for them to sell their catch.

Concerned fisherman, Willie Joe said some of his counterparts had to return home with their unsold catch because there wasn’t space.

“Fresh fish can go bad very quick unless kept in ice or smoked on fire.”