Koki Fish Market

Kikori community hosts blood ritual

The traditional ritual is performed when a relative dies.

The ceremony was held at the right wing of the Koki Fish Market.

The family is mourning the loss of two brothers; one killed in cold blooded murder and the other in prison for the death of his brother.

One of the elders explained to the public and the Moresby South MP, Justin Tkatchenko, who was there to witness the ceremony, that the “blood ceremony” is to wash away the deceased’s blood that had spilled on the murder site. 

More upgrades for Koki Fish Market

2 kiosks are currently being built. These kiosks will sell fishing gears and other necessary products as well as normal store goods for people coming to the market.

Also, the public toilets will be renovated, with a complete upgrade to hotel standards.

According to Moresby South Member, Justin Tkatchenko, the toilets alone will cost K100,000.

“These will be very professionally done, just to ensure that our customers can have a proper, clean and healthy environment,” he said.

Koki youth get political support

The youth found their place in the recently opened fish market, by scaling and gutting fish for the market customers, who prefer this service.

Number of youth engaging in this has grown and has seen the market management step in to assist, by building two temporary sinks on the front jetty.

Tkatchenko today confirmed that he will upgrade the cleaning facility for them.

“We’re putting a big, full sized, stainless steel aluminium bench, with three galvanized taps. That will enable the boys to work in a clean, healthy safe environment.

Youth embrace unique income opportunity

Not only has it provided a most needed market for fishing villages near the town, but it has opened up further opportunities for the local population. 

Its establishment has provided not only steady customers for motor operators and side markets for women apart from selling fish, but more importantly, is an income earning opportunity for the youth.

There are two groups of young men who spend their days at the fish market.

Those in yellow vests are engaged by market management to clean the market and provide security for customers.

Desalination machine can save lives

The water desalination machine demonstration was done on Friday by Pacific International (PNG) Ltd.

This machine converts beach well water into fresh drinking water, using the technology of reverse osmosis and solar power.

Manager Lucas Kawage said this will reduce the risk of water borne diseases spreading in our communities, especially in remote areas that are prone to deadly illnesses.

​Empty Pom streets, markets

And for others who prefer otherwise, it's playing a game of tag with the police.

Joe Koro, a local resident of Manu, decided to visit the Koki Fish market before heading to Kaugere to vote.

He arrived at the seaside to an empty market where he had a run-in with police. But not before buying a string of fish at a doubled price.

"I came here to buy fish but the market was closed. Luckily, villagers from Roku arrived here with some catch,” he tells Loop PNG.

Local fisherman missing out on space to sell catch

However, some local fishermen have raised concern that there is still not enough space for some of them to sell their catch at the newly opened market.

Some Fisherman Islanders had to return home with their catch as there was not enough bench space for them to sell their catch.

Concerned fisherman, Willie Joe said some of his counterparts had to return home with their unsold catch because there wasn’t space.

“Fresh fish can go bad very quick unless kept in ice or smoked on fire.”

City residents urged to be self-reliant

Following the launch of the new Koki Fish Market, Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko is calling on people to stop the handout mentality and work hard to earn a living.

Tkatchenko said the major facilities including the new established markets are put there for the people to use and make money for their families and for their future.

“We want you to be self-sufficient, we don’t want you to come and beg for money at our gates or at our door steps.

A sigh of relief from fish vendors

Vendor Gia Puri said they had waited for so long to sell their fish in a well organised market facility so this is now their pride.

The K10m facility features ample parking space, a jetty and 90 stalls, toilet facilities, an ice-making machine, four floating pontoons and fuel vending facilities.

Puri, on behalf of the fishermen and fish vendors, thanked the National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop and Moresby South MP, Justin Tkatchenko, for establishing the market.

New Koki Fish Market open for business!

The market, located a couple of hundred metres from the main Koki Market and Wanigela Village, was officially launched today by NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

The K10 million market is a public-private partnership between NCDC, National Fisheries Authority, National Forest Products and Puma Energy.

It features ample parking space, a jetty and 90 stalls, toilet facilities, an ice-making machine, four floating pontoons and fuel vending facilities.