National Fisheries Authority

Fisheries tuna tagging program

The WCPO tagging project will provide:

Provinces renew bond with NFA

Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Jelta Wong, and Managing Director of the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) John Ilakini, signed all four agreements with governors Charlie Benjamin for Manus, Taboi Awi Yoto for Western, Noah Kool for Chimbu and Philip Undialu for Hela Province.

Minister Wong stated that the MOUs were specifically developed for each province. Recognizing that each province is unique, but with the same goal in mind, the government's objective is to ensure that each one can generate revenue and sustain itself.

Pacific islanders told to think smart

National Fisheries Authority managing director, Justin Ilakini at the 42nd PNA Annual Officials Meeting in Honiara, Solomon Islands, emphasized the urgent need for the group to consider the unknown effects of climate change on the tuna fisheries of the PNA and the Western & Central Pacific region.

He recommended that the group (PNA- Parties to the Nauru Agreement) identify and establish mitigation measures to improve the resilience of the parties in light of the uncertain effects of climate change.

NFA & Dataco sign digital transformation agreement

This move is in line with the government's ICT Modernisation Plan and directives outlined in the Digital Government Transformation Policy and Legislation.

Justin Ilakini, the Managing Director of NFA, stated that the fisheries industry is undergoing organizational and sector reforms. To effectively move forward, it is crucial to utilize digital tools and virtual infrastructure that will enhance the process and impact of these reforms.

36th INFOFISH Governing Council Meeting Opened

The meeting, which will take place from December 13–16, was officially opened by Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Jelta Wong.

INFOFISH started as an FAO regional project in 1981, and has since made a lasting impact on the fishery industries of the region.

Students graduate in Fisheries Business

The certificate presentation was officiated by John Chris Dotson, Deputy Managing Director for National Fisheries Authority (NFA).

The graduates are of different age groups with various backgrounds. Each maintain an SME activity either in Mud crab or Fish farming. They participated in the 6-week Fisheries Training Program facilitated by NFA trainers. The program began on November 3rd, and ended December 8th, 2022.

Fisheries Facilities Launched In WNB

The National Fisheries Authority presented K500, 000 in funding assistance to WNB Fisheries Director, Newell Sinaigawi at the official launching of the Kimbe Fisheries Seaport Facilities, and this included the Fin Fishery and Sea cucumber Hatchery.

In the Fin Fisheries project, local fishermen can now sell their fish at the facility that will be stored and exported overseas to China. The Fin Fishery and the seaport facility is a co-funded project by NFA and the WNB Provincial Government.

Fisheries Promoted At Global Expo

NFA's participation in this Global seafood exposition is important for the Papua New Guinea Fisheries Sector to promote and sell the country's seafood products, processing equipment and services to leading buyers from around the world.

This will further promote the government systems and technologies that have been developed and adopted over the years ensuring that PNC seafood and fisheries resource are managed sustainably, and for the economic benefits of the country and international consumers.

Program Improving Livelihoods

EU-STREIT PNG in collaboration with the National Fisheries Authority and provincial divisions of Fisheries & Agriculture provides support to increase fish productivity and profitability, while also contributing to food security and nutrition in the Greater Sepik Region.

Fish is an essential part of the daily diet of riverine and coastal communities in the Greater Sepik Region. It is also a reliable source of regular income for smallholders in the area.

Illegal fishing activities in Gulf confirmed

NFA’s Managing Director, John Kasu responded to questions raised by Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta saying that NFA is currently carrying out investigations in relation to the subject vessels CAPS 1 and CAPS 2, which were referred via the Governor’s complaint.

Both vessels are PNG flagged and each hold a fishing license currently issued by NFA. Both were immediately recalled from operations in the Umuda area in Western Province, and an investigation was initiated immediately to ascertain whether there were breaches of conditions of their respective licenses.