Youth embrace unique income opportunity

The Koki fish market is by far, one of the best infrastructure initiatives in Port Moresby.

Not only has it provided a most needed market for fishing villages near the town, but it has opened up further opportunities for the local population. 

Its establishment has provided not only steady customers for motor operators and side markets for women apart from selling fish, but more importantly, is an income earning opportunity for the youth.

There are two groups of young men who spend their days at the fish market.

Those in yellow vests are engaged by market management to clean the market and provide security for customers.

Those with orange vests are the other group who have found their place in the market, on their own.

Nicky Foo is one who falls in the latter group. 

A few years back, Foo would spend his days, doing nothing.

Today, he has a set schedule. He goes to the market and waits for customers. When they come in to buy fish, he approaches and offers his service to clean the fish. If the customer agrees, Foo cleans the scales and the insides and if they wish, cuts it to the preferred size.

“They pay us any amount they want. At least at the end of the day, we have money to provide for our families,” he said.

The number of young men providing this service has grown overtime. And the market management has built two temporary sinks for them.

“We each buy our own tools – scale scraper and a knife,” he said.

The idea, he says, is to make it convenient for customers, so they don’t have to go through the hassle of preparing the fish. 

“Our customers come from all over NCD. And this has really helped us – the young men,” he said.

He thanks the market management, and the member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko for this.

Gloria Bauai