PUMA Energy

Puma fuels foundation

Director, Vincent Kumura, said the 10 fuel drums from Puma Energy were the largest fuel donation they have received as a small community-based organisation of remote Bundi.

“The foundation will be using these fuel drums to help clear the road to Upper Bundi from Gembogl, Simbu and service the Upper Bundi Ambulance being donated by the Sir Brian Bell Foundation,” Kumura stated.

Sportstok 7s on Track


With new interests coming in from other centers, Tournament organizers are calling on clubs yet to register to do so now before the deadline.

There are already overwhelming interests  for the annual Sportstok 7s Tournament coming from new teams from Alotau, Kavieng, Kimbe, Lae, Wewak and Goroka.

Being an invitational 7s teams that registered before the deadline of March 1st will get in.

With limited spots now available Tournament Director and franchise owner, Elsie Passingan is urging interested teams to register now or they will miss out.

Businessman accuses oil firms of collusion

It was claimed that local businesses in the country are being overlooked by corporate giants. And Puma Energy is giving business to foreign-owned firms to run and operate fuel stations and local SMEs.

He demanded an explanation from the entities and called on the consumer watchdog to investigate such deals.

According to online records of the Investment Promotion Authority, Trophy Haus Limited’s subsidiary, Fone Haus, runs and operates the service stations at Five-Mile, Waigani and Rainbow.

Puma Energy launches lubricant products

Opening events will be hosted around the country where Puma Energy will offer specialist training, brand awareness brochures and spot opening deals.

Today, the company was open to the public to take advantage of the deals on offer and familiarise with the Puma technical team and Dunlop sales team.

This continues until Friday June15.

The Puma Lubricants will be displaying the full range of Retail packs; the most comprehensive offering in PNG says the company.

Puma Energy’s ‘April-May Madness’ promo

The promotion, which runs for 2 months, covers weekly and fortnightly prizes before the major draw of ‘Free Fuel for the Year’ for one lucky winner in each region.

The promotion is only open to cash and EFTPOS customers.

All that a customer has to do is drive into any of the participating outlets, spend K50 on fuel and ask for the receipt. Simply write his/her name at the back of the receipt and drop it into the box provided.

There are two lucky winners for each weekly draw and another two lucky winners for the fortnightly draws.

Puma to fuel Hunters into 2020

General Manager Strategy and External Affairs, Hulala Tokome said Puma’s sponsorship since its inception in 2014 leading up to 2020 will total just under K150, 000.

“We are committed to the country in terms of being able to support and sponsor in various ways especially within our Community Service Responsibility areas of activity in health, education and women and children.

“In this particular case, we continue to support the Hunters. Our sponsorship very much has been in kind for the provision of fuel.

“We wish the Hunters all the best this season.

Puma Energy payments on hold

Payment of alleged administrative penalties, amounting to K124 million and a further K890,000,000 for unpaid import GST by Puma Energy PNG Ltd, remains on hold by orders of the Waigani National Court.

Temporary injunctive orders issued on March 2 last year has been extended by the Waigani National Court against PNG Customs collecting the said amount amounts until the final determination of the matter in court.

Puma staff to undergo training

This follows an agreement signed between the company and the Government.

Under the agreement 43, employees will undergo a 4 year training program overseen by the National Apprenticeship and Trade Testing Board (NATTB).

Puma Energy Country Manager, Jim Collings, told the employees that the training will be tough as it will determine those who will continue with the company.

“So we will only be looking to keep the best of the best through. Hopefully we have 43 of the best,” he said.

Puma looks to beat production record

Country General Manager, Jim Collings, said this is part of improvements made to the refinery when they entered PNG.

“The investments that we have made have improved the reliability, the consistency of the product, which is now world class, coming out of that refinery and also dealing with the health and safety matters that we need to so that our people can go home safely every day,” he said.

The increase in production is part of the overall expansion and improvements to the Napa Napa Refinery, which Puma has invested heavily in.

Cooperation needed on FOREX issue

In an interview with Loop PNG Collings said they are working very closely with key agencies to address the problem whilst maintaining normal flow of operations.

“We work very closely with the central bank and obviously the commercial banks to ensure that we are maintaining flows of currency to pay for our crude, and our finished products that we bring into the country,” he said.