Moresby South MP

Koki youth get political support

The youth found their place in the recently opened fish market, by scaling and gutting fish for the market customers, who prefer this service.

Number of youth engaging in this has grown and has seen the market management step in to assist, by building two temporary sinks on the front jetty.

Tkatchenko today confirmed that he will upgrade the cleaning facility for them.

“We’re putting a big, full sized, stainless steel aluminium bench, with three galvanized taps. That will enable the boys to work in a clean, healthy safe environment.

A gentle giant

This is how former Sports Minister and Moresby South MP, Justin Tkatchenko, described the late Kato Ottio.

Minister Tkatchenko acknowledged Kato's achievements in such a short time.

He spoke of how he met the late Ottio on many occasions as Sports Minister, when the 23-year-old represented PNG in volleyball in 2013 at the Pacific Mini Games in Wallis and Futuna.

Minister Tkatchenko encouraged everyone to rise positively and learn from Ottio's short but wonderful life of sporting achievement.

Tkatchenko: Too many lies against me

The current Moresby South MP said rival candidates from a particular province are attacking him personally, and also spreading lies when campaigning in the electorate.

Tkatchenko challenged rival candidates to campaign on their policies and let the people select their candidate preferences.    

He said he has never experienced these derogatory remarks against him in the previous two elections he contested.      

Meanwhile, Tkatchenko clarified that he has not had police escort during his campaign rallies in the last seven weeks.    

​Tkatchenko issues challenge to rival candidates

Speaking at one of his rallies at the Kaugere Basketball Courts on Saturday, Tkatchenko said: "There are candidates going around telling our people about a road that will run through our coastal communities, Wanigela Village, Vanagi and Joyce Bay. There is no such road, and this is the first that I am hearing of such a road.

"Even Governor Parkop does not know of such a road.”

The MP said there is no such plan to relocate anybody in these villages to make way for such a road.

"You cannot want to be a leader to our people, and stand for lies. That is not leadership.

Tkatchenko urges players and supporters to enjoy Kaugere finals

During the launching Tkatchenko urge the players and supporters to make this grand final a trouble free one after a lot of brawls had occurred this year in the local competition finals.

Most local rugby league grand final matches held this year had faced the same issue of violence against referees and supporters, the Digicel Cup, the Koiari Rugby League finals and the recent brawl in Central Province during the Kila Haoda Cup final.