Member for Goilala

MP calls for partnership in addressing law and order

He made this statement after attending to a peace reconciliation ceremony in the district recently.

“Goilala is the only district that has absence of law enforcement agencies in the district that includes, police, correctional service and magisterial service.

“In recent times we only do bandage solution and this must change in the nature of addressing law and order issues.

“Goilala is a remote district that we all know and it is about time we all stake holders take responsibility in addressing the issue,’’ Aia said.

Tuition fee subsidy for Goilala students

The officers were at the IBS University on Wednesday 26th April to announce the Students’ Tuition subsidy for 17 students attending the university.  

The Goilala DDA stated that K1 million was allocated towards tuition subsidy for students under the HECAS program attending 21 tertiary institutions.

Member Aia was represented by the Goilala DDA CEO, Titus Girau and the sponsorship coordinator Boniface Eve at the IBS to announce the K3,000 tuition subsidy per student.