Royal Papua New Guinea (RPNGC)

Police Officers Reminded to Work Ethically

The parade, attended by officers from various police units, was meant to emphasize the importance of ethical behaviour and to rebuild the trust of the public.

Acting ACP NCD/Central Command, Peter Guinness, said the incident that occurred on January 10 is now under investigation and must not be repeated. Guinness emphasized that the police force is here to stay, and it is the responsibility of all officers to work together to address law and order issues in the city.

RPNGC and PNGDF collaborate to address law and order

Commissioner Manning stated, “We need to inform the country what the current situation is in terms of us managing the law and order situation not only in Port Moresby but around the provinces, especially the regions that were very difficult and challenging for us to manage over the last decade.”

“Next week we will be collaborating with the PNGDF under the call-out arrangements to see how best we can and ensure that we successfully execute the task on hand.”

Kerema police cell “bad and ugly”

The instruction for its closure on August 8, 2023, came after an inspection by Health inspectors, who had found that the cell blocks posed serious health risks to the inmates.

It lacked a proper water supply, toilet and sanitation facilities, and the septic system was nonfunctional lacking a proper drainage system.

NCD police praised for good work

Metsupt Sika, who addressed Sector Patrol units this morning praised police officers for obeying orders and performing their duties without fear or favour to serve the people.

He said some of the issues he instructed officers to address are;

Manning Warns Against online Forgery

Manning warned that those engaging in the falsification of police documents would face grave legal repercussions, including potential penalties of up to K100,000 in fines and a staggering 25 years of imprisonment.

Manning issued circular on the use of force

The circular, approved by the Commissioner, aims to protect lives from domestic terrorist and criminal activities due to the escalation of violence especially in the Highlands and other parts of the country.

Manning said police personnel must be clear on the extent of their powers, and to warn criminals of likely outcomes if they resort to using weapons.

“I issued a Commissioner’s Circular on the use of force against criminals to reinforce the lawful authority of police personnel,” he said.

200 police recruits dedicated

They are part of 509 young people selected to undergo police recruit and cadets training programs from the 13,039 shortlisted applicants for the 2023 recruitment exercise.

The 222 new recruits were dedicated through a dedication ceremony held inside a Catholic Church witnessed by Minister for Internal Security Peter Tsiamalili Jnr, Member for Moresby North West Lohia Boe Samuel, Police Commissioner David Manning, Deputy Police Commissioner Joanne Clarkson and other delegates.

RPNGC finalises 2023 recruitment

The screening panels will be held between April and June, and 560 selected recruits will begin training immediately afterward. 

The use of digital technology has strengthened the recruitment process, with plans for two new regional training centers in the works. 

Commissioner of Police David Manning commended the 48,772 applicants who applied to join the police force, urging those who were not selected to apply again in the next cycle. 

The recruitment process has a zero-tolerance policy for personal character issues, and drug testing is mandatory. 

Police presence prevent crime

While commenting on what the sector patrol units are doing around the city, he commended his men for stepping up in the fight against crime in the city. 

"We will continue to do that by showing our presence throughout the city through motorist and foot patrols," Metsupt Sika said. 

Sika was pleased with the officers who responded to a situation at Erima yesterday evening which prevented a crime from happening. 

Rescue operations underway for hostages

Police Commissioner David Manning has been updated by Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Police Operations, Dr Philip Mitna, on negotiations to secure the release of the people who are in captivity. Police have been authorized to use all necessary force to free the hostages.

Commissioner Manning said, “I have been briefed on the situation in which one foreign national and three PNG university students are being held by criminals in the border region of Southern Highlands, Hela and Western Provinces.