Royal PNG Constabulary (RPNGC)

Women on police promotions board

Former diplomat and senior public servant Dame Jean Kekedo was appointed chairperson of the Police Promotions and Appointment Board 2021.

The other board member is Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Administration, Joanne Clarkson, representing the Police Commissioner; and Assistant Commissioner of Police Highlands Eastern-End Anton Billie, is the third member representing the Police Union.

Commissioner Manning highlighted that for the first time, the Police Promotions and Appointment Board comprises women.

RPNGC retires members

Police Minister Bryan Kramer said completion of the retirement process relies on funds released from the Department of Treasury and technical support from the Department of Personnel Management. This will cost approximately K13 million in separation entitlements and repatriation costs.

“The RPNGC will also retire another 400 members over the mandatory retirement age of 60 years by December 2020, however this depends on funds being verified for the K40 million estimated cost of separating them from the police force,” he said.

Kramer supports ‘One strike, you’re out’

Kramer said police brutality especially needed to be addressed, and that more training had to be provided to officers to learn how to de-escalate potentially violent situations.

“Strict policies and penalties against the use of force, and effective command and control is needed to help prevent police violence,” he stated.

Kramer said cases involving police brutality should be opened or re-opened and pursued.

“There are some incidents of police violence that are on video, so cases like these for example, should not take too long to investigate and complete.”

Police monitoring Horizon Oil allegations

The report by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) questioned the role of Commerce and Industry Minister, William Duma, when he was the Petroleum Minister in the Somare Government and private lawyer Simon Ketan.

In a statement issued on Friday, Police Commissioner David Manning, says they are closely following developments following the publication of the Australian Financial Review report over a week ago.

Audit into police expenditure launched

This is in pursuit of restoring transparency, accountability and compliance within the Constabulary.

This was announced today by Commissioner Manning at the National Police Headquarters in Port Moresby.

This is one of a number of swift actions Commissioner Manning is embarking on in line with the Marape-Steven Government’s intentions to ensure transparency and accountability and to strengthen the command and control mechanisms of the Constabulary.

Inaugural juvenile course for police officers

The experienced juvenile justice officer based in Lae has seen firsthand how children who come into conflict with the law can, with the right support and opportunities, turn their life around and she is keen to see more being given a second chance.

“Sometimes it is very hard for a child to think about the possibilities, especially when he comes from a background that is violent,” Senior Constable Bartley, Officer in Charge of the Juvenile Justice Reception Centre at Lae Police Station, says.

“But if he is given the time to change, he may do that.”

RPNGC to recruit uni graduates

Police Minister Bryan Kramer mentioned this in Parliament whilst responding to a ‘question without notice’ from East Sepik Governor Allan Bird.

In today’s Parliament sitting, East Sepik Governor Bird asked if there are any plans to plug the gap whilst waiting for new officers to be trained under a two-year program. He is concerned that this gap, which currently exists, and has existed for some time, has contributed to the lack of command and control in the police force.

37 police pass-outs dismissed

The Bomana Police Commandant, Peter Philip, this morning served the men their ‘Notice to dismiss’ following the disciplinary review process.

However, only 21 pass-outs turned up to the police college while 16 are still at large.

The 37 police pass-outs were detained on March 17th at the Bomana police college after they were caught engaging in drunken initiation-like behaviour.

Queen’s bday sports tournament opened

The Queen’s Birthday friendly games, which will end on Monday, boasts the theme: “Promote mass participation for unity and pride as wives of the disciplinary forces”.

Whilst commending the women behind this inaugural event, the Commanding Officer for the First Royal Pacific Islands Regiment (1RPIR), Lieutenant Colonel Boniface Aruma, said the women have set a benchmark for the men.

Aruma said the PNGDF men have tried to initiate a get-together with their counterparts from the Royal PNG Constabulary and Correctional Services, but have continuously failed.

RPNGC will assist in relief efforts: Andrews

Deputy Police Commissioner and Chief of Operations, Jim Andrews, said this today while expressing his sympathy for families and victims of the earthquake, which is said to have claimed the lives of over 20 people and caused widespread destruction across these three provinces.

"Police in these three provinces are keeping a close eye on the relief efforts and will actively partake in all humanitarian aid activities in the affected places."