MP calls for partnership in addressing law and order

Member for Goilala, Casmiro Aia, has called on respective government agencies to work with the Governor of Central and his office to address law and order issues in the district.

He made this statement after attending to a peace reconciliation ceremony in the district recently.

“Goilala is the only district that has absence of law enforcement agencies in the district that includes, police, correctional service and magisterial service.

“In recent times we only do bandage solution and this must change in the nature of addressing law and order issues.

“Goilala is a remote district that we all know and it is about time we all stake holders take responsibility in addressing the issue,’’ Aia said.

A former high-ranking police officer before becoming Member of Parliament in the recent national general election, he said the trend in addressing law and order in the country needs to change.

“In recent times we have been doing band aid solutions and this has to stop,’’ he said.

Aia said Goilala needs adequate law and order mechanism in place to empower law enforcement in the area.

He said respective government agencies needs to come on board and work with the people through the chieftaincy system to find solutions and drive development agendas in the district. 

The MP also emphasized on the lack of village magisterial services in the district that needs to be addressed. 

Meanwhile, Central Governor, Rufina Peter who also accompanied the MP supported his colleague member’s call to pave way for development to reach the people.

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