Police presence prevent crime

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika is pleased with police response to crime since he took up office two months ago.

While commenting on what the sector patrol units are doing around the city, he commended his men for stepping up in the fight against crime in the city. 

"We will continue to do that by showing our presence throughout the city through motorist and foot patrols," Metsupt Sika said. 

Sika was pleased with the officers who responded to a situation at Erima yesterday evening which prevented a crime from happening. 

He said numerous complaints of suspicious men loitering beneath the Kookaburra Flyover in Erima, drew the attention of police personnel from 7 Mile and Gordon, to station there and allow the traveling public to move about safely.

The police officers walked from the Kookaburra flyover bridge to the Erima Wildlife roundabout purposely to ensure that members of the public were not harassed or robbed by thugs and opportunists.

"Erima is considered a crime hot spot in the city after several people were held up and robbed by thugs in the recent past. The crime rate in Erima has dropped quite significantly because of such active police operations,” Sika said. 

He added that the three-zone commanders had been tasked to assign their police officers from their respective zones to make sure that the crime hotspot areas in the city are covered.

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