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Digicel PNG responds to article in Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review has reported that there is proposed deal for the sale of Digicel to China Mobile and that this deal has raised concerns in Canberra and opened a new front in Beijing’s battle for influence in the region. 

Digicel PNG Chief Executive Officer, Colin Stone “We can categorically state that there is no basis to this whatsoever and that no approach has been made to us.”

Digicel is committed to the Pacific and will continue to serve the people of Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific 

Digicel network name change

It is not a new network. The name change attempts to reinforce the Health Department’s messages about practicing basic hygiene and is part of the company’s efforts in helping PNG battle COVID-19.

Around 1.5 million handsets will notice this change while others may not as this depends on the type of handset.

The company hopes that when users look at their handsets, they will be reminded to wash their hands.

Digicel supports PNG fire appeal

In explaining how this works, senior vice president of Digicel PNG, Lorna McPherson, said: “We’ve opened a donation line which the fundraising team asked us to do and we very happy to assist.  You can text ‘yes’ or ‘y’ or send the text back to 16705 and there will be an automatic two kina taken off your handset in your mobile phone.

“That two kina will be donated directly to the fund and to the volunteer fund as well. Digicel is not receiving any payment for doing this.

Don’t lose what you don’t use

Today, the total communications and entertainment provider announced that prepaid customers can browse, stream, share and chat to their heart’s content on Digicel’s 4G LTE network and rollover their unused data to their renewed plan – without losing their data or worrying about overages.  

All prepaid customers once on an active data plan can enjoy rollover data and will find it easy to understand and easy to use.

Rates dropped during network issues: CEO

The issue started at 2pm on Friday, preventing customers from purchasing Digicel’s data and voice bundles.

CEO Colin Stone said it was brought to their attention immediately, where Digicel responded by dropping voice and data out of bundle rates to enable customers to still use the service.

“As well as that, we saw people could not buy the TV services that we offer,” Stone stated. “So we made TV free-to-air for the weekend. That way customers could still keep abreast of current events; they could still watch their TV during that period.”

Issues resolved, services return to normal: Digicel

Colin Stone CEO of Digicel, said; “We apologise to all our customers for the interruption to our bundle purchasing and any inconvenience that they had.

“We understand our customers rely on service and take that responsibility very seriously and are focused on doing everything we can to ensure that we deliver great service. We will be reviewing which customers were impacted and we give service credits to those customers during this week.

Wewak woman claims K50,000 grand prize

After drawing more than 10 million entries from customers all over the country, the winning number randomly selected from the automated draw was for a lucky entrant from Wewak.

Glenda Supring is a mother-of-four and runs a small stationary business in Wewak town.

Digicel Chief Operations Officer, Colin Stone, drew her number today in an automated draw, where he proceeded to call her up.

Speaking from Wewak, an excited Supring said though she had entered competitions, she hardly ever won anything…until today.

Young mom wins Digicel promo

Wani, a cashier who works at Eriku in Lae, is the lucky winner of K1,000 on November 27th with Digicel’s Christmas daily cash and prize giveaways.

The excited mother of one said: “Displa mani em blo pikinini blo mi (this money will be for my son). Mi bai kisim go lo kisim wanem kain presen em laikim lo em.” (I will get him whatever present he wants.)

Digicel PNG announces lucky winners

The campaign was launched in the market last month and gives everyone a chance to win K1,000 and 200 product prizes daily.

The daily winners so far are McMou Kelepi of Mt Hagen, Bogan Wally and Evelyn Bart from Madang, Melanie Suii of East Sepik, Alois Gaglu from Port Moresby, and Frank Samson and John Thomas from Lae.

Digicel PNG welcomes new COO

Stone joins Digicel PNG with deep experience in the telecom industry and a reputation for driving innovation and growth throughout his career.

“We are thrilled to welcome Colin on board, a seasoned telecom industry executive, bringing extensive knowledge, experience and operational skills to Digicel PNG,” said Oliver Coughlan, Digicel Pacific CEO. “His strong wide ranging skillset with a focus on staff engagement growth and development of new business opportunities will help Digicel PNG reach the next stage of growth and innovation.”