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Foundation Launches Educational Channel

This is according to Digicel Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Serena Sasingian yesterday at the launch of the Foundation’s Education TV channel.

The channel aims to increase literacy and economic opportunities for the youth of Papua New Guinea through creating and streaming learning content to schools and Community Learning Centers around the country.

Everyday People: Isa Yabi

In 1980 when Kamea Construction went down to Gulf province to build a road to Kaintiba, Menyamya, and Aseki, there was a Miss PNG Quest sponsored by Kamea Construction in 1985 which I entered. I was selected as Miss Kamea Construction for Miss PNG, but it didn’t progress because the Kamea Construction work broke down. So I took a typing course with the Commerce Department and after 6 months I received my certificate. My first job was with Ilawa Inn Hotel in Kerema town, as a receptionist. I worked for two years under an Australian called Don Bird.

Everyday People: Velma Vele

“I have five grown up children and then I have two little girls whom I got from my sister when she passed away with cervical cancer. The twin girls are three years old.

“My second born was working at Lamana but due to COVID-19 he got laid off. Now he’s at home looking after the twin girls. My third born was with customer care (Digicel) and the fourth one is still a new agent with (Digicel) Customer Care.

Everyday People: Esther Talu

Before I came to Digicel I used to sell betelnut and smoke at Rainbow market, to take care of my three boys.

One day while I was at my market table a lady by the name of Winifred came by. She was one of my buai customers. While we chatted, she told me that she was a working at Digicel and she was the Facilities Manager so I asked if there are any jobs with (Digicel) Facilities and she said there was, so I came to work here. It’s been almost 8 years since I started.

PNG Air Supports Awards

The awards was launched on August 27, 2021 to allow members of the public to nominate ordinary men who are doing extra-ordinary things to build peace in their respective communities.

PNG Air Acting Chief Commercial Officer, Nancy Nakikus said PNG Air is pleased to support the Men of Honour Campaign by providing return flights to the ports the team requires to travel for interviews with nominees and quality checks.

Digicel signs young Brand Ambassador

Digicel PNG's Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer, Lorna McPherson, signed-on Gerard Ivalaoa in a meeting this morning.

Earlier this year, Ivalaoa went viral on the social media platform, Facebook, for writing his first book, ‘70 reminders of Academic Excellence’ using his phone, gaining attention from the global telecommunication company that presented him with a phone and a laptop.

CellMoni Supports Agriculture & Tourism Show

On Friday CellMoni donated K10, 000 and an additional K5,000 in-kind support.

The three-day Central Agriculture and Tourism Show was a significant opportunity for the people of Central Province to showcase their agriculture and tourism products. It was also a chance to show off their culture through traditional dances, food and crafts.

Organizers of the show Barbara Kassman and Nanai Agarobe received the cheque on behalf of the show’s organizing committee.

TVWAN to broadcast virtual runway

PNGFDW director and founder, Janet Sios, said the fashion industry has grown over the last five years since the organisation was established.

Sios thanked Digicel PNG’s TVWAN for collaborating with PNG’s fashion industry and expressed the need for more exposure for local talent.

Digicel TV will broadcast the virtual runway through its television network across the country.

Sios said it is a chance for the rest of the Pacific to see what Papua New Guinea has to offer in terms of creativity and talent in the industry.

Phone Writer

Ivalaoa recently wrote ’70 reminders of Academic Excellence’ and published it.

Gerard Ivalaoa, the young man who wrote a book titled 70 reminders of Academic Excellence using his mobile phone, received a laptop and mobile phone from Digicel PNG today; 60 copies of his book were also purchased. When marking this event, Digicel Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer Lorna McPherson said Digicel PNG was happy to extend its support to an inspirational young man.

Digicel PNG responds to article in Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review has reported that there is proposed deal for the sale of Digicel to China Mobile and that this deal has raised concerns in Canberra and opened a new front in Beijing’s battle for influence in the region. 

Digicel PNG Chief Executive Officer, Colin Stone “We can categorically state that there is no basis to this whatsoever and that no approach has been made to us.”

Digicel is committed to the Pacific and will continue to serve the people of Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific