Merchant Payment Service

This is an alternate option for payment at stores where CellMoni is accepted aside from the many different available options.

With Merchant Payment made available on CellMoni, customers are given added convenience such as less time spent in cue, fast checkout and, ease down the need to carry physical wallets.

The mobile device is nicknamed, ‘The new wallet’ literally being hand-held and, an accessory carried everywhere.

Digicel CellMoni commits to NFIS3

Implementing the strategy is the Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI) in collaboration with the Central Bank (BPNG) and the Department of Treasury.

CEFI is the mandated organization implementing the National Financial Inclusion Policy 2019 since the first NFIS 2013-2015. Thereafter, its success followed with the second NFIS 2016- 2020.

CellMoni, a part of the people

Sogau Trading is managed by a father and daughter team, Sakius Warlie and daughter Grace Warlie who are in the business of purchasing white copra from surrounding 100 farmers [local residents], which is then sold to exporters.

Due to high risks of handling large amounts of cash, attacks on staff and robbery, Sogau Trading was forced into early business closure. However, a few months after closure, word of Digicel CellMoni’s safe, secure and convenient services reached Mr. Warlie and his daughter, capturing the interest and led to them digitalizing their payments to the farmers.

Partnership Paves Way In Bulolo

A total of K161,760 was distributed in Mumeng and Watut local level government areas of the Bulolo District reaching 2016 people.

The partnership was sealed through the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with Digicel Financial Services Ltd and Save the Children in October, 2021. This arrangement was to partner in Mobile Cash Transfers.

The MoA paved way for Save the Children beneficiaries to receive cash support on their mobile phone using Digicel’s CellMoni.

Cellmoni And MiBank Conduct Awareness In NCD

MSME owners had the opportunity to open their MiBank accounts and were trained on how to use CellMoni in their day-to-day transactions. They were also shown how to repay their loans, add to their Savings and contribute to their Eda Supa using CellMoni.

If you wish for our teams to visit your community, please contact us on cellmoni.support@digicelgroup.com or call our Customer Care team on 888.

CellMoni is a Digicel service that allows customers to receive, store and spend money using their mobile phone.

Nasfund & Digicel's CellMoni Partner To Offer Easy Contribution Solution for Nasfund Members

The National Superannuation Fund (Nasfund), and Digicel PNG today signed an agreement that now allows Nasfund members to make payments to member superannuation accounts, using the CellMoni platform.

This agreement has come about in response to Nasfund’s desire to make the superannuation contribution process much easier and efficient for its membership.

Given that Digicel’s CellMoni service is being used for various bill payments providers, it was a natural avenue for expansion by Nasfund to improve member contribution safely and conveniently.

CellMoni, Post PNG Partner

Digicel Financial Services Limited and Post PNG Limited have embarked on a partnership, allowing all POST PNG branches to serve as Authorized CellMoni Agents enabling CellMoni customers to perform Deposits and Withdrawals when visiting any Post PNG outlet with the commencement of this venture.

Chief Operating Officer of Post PNG Limited, Ben Davis thanked Digicel Management and said Digicel PNG and Post PNG are known as innovative and customer-centric institutions.

Women’s “Mama Bank” Partner With Cellmoni

For a long time, Mama Bank had a desire to digitalize and expand its outreach to empower women through technology. In response to this goal, Digicel’s CellMoni has agreed to assist by collecting loan repayments and savings contributions from Mama Bank customers.

Chairman of Mama Bank Ricky Mitio expressed gratitude towards such a milestone. He thanked Digicel CellMoni for this achievement, adding that Mama Bank has always been a dedicated bank for women and their families in PNG.

Lae Youths Upskilled

Under Save the Children’s Hand Heart Pocket project, the youths are undergoing educational, SME and life skills training.

Save the Children’s Hand Heart Pocket is a three-year youth project that is being implemented in Port Moresby and Lae.

The program supports marginalised youths between the ages of 14 and 24, including people living with disabilities.

It strives to give them a chance to succeed in education and employment.

CellMoni extends footprint through e-commerce in PNG with Jungle.com

CellMoni has formed its latest partnership with PNG jungle.com.pg; an Online Marketplace for Papua New Guinea which facilitates online buying and selling of products for persons in PNG and around the world.


Jungle aims to be a convenient, safe and trusted way to buy products online using a variety of payment methods with Kina Bank, BSP Pay and now Digicel CellMoni. It is a straight forward user-friendly platform where purchases can be picked up from the vendors store or delivered to customers in all provinces of PNG.