CellMoni, a part of the people

Sogau Trading is a family operated SME business located at Makurapau Village in East New Britain, a 45-minute drive from Kokopo.

Sogau Trading is managed by a father and daughter team, Sakius Warlie and daughter Grace Warlie who are in the business of purchasing white copra from surrounding 100 farmers [local residents], which is then sold to exporters.

Due to high risks of handling large amounts of cash, attacks on staff and robbery, Sogau Trading was forced into early business closure. However, a few months after closure, word of Digicel CellMoni’s safe, secure and convenient services reached Mr. Warlie and his daughter, capturing the interest and led to them digitalizing their payments to the farmers.

Digicel CellMoni supported the family’s financial initiatives and conducted a Digital financial literacy program with Sogau Trading and their chain of suppliers. Digicel CellMoni went one step further in facilitating this initiative by issuing 100 FREE mobile phones to the farmers and also registered them for CellMoni wallets.

Sogau Trading’s Manager, Grace Warlie, was pleased with the ease and secure use of CellMoni and as a result registered their business as a CellMoni Agent.

She shared her gratitude to CellMoni, saying that her family’s business is back in operation only because of the solutions provided by CellMoni to everyday people like herself.

Digicel PNG CEO Colin Stone said, “For us, increasing financial inclusion, especially in marginalized communities or communities with difficulty accessing financial services is something that’s very important. Digital transformation and financial inclusion are the main pillars of Digicel CellMoni, and the success of such collaborations with Agents such as Sogau Trading paves the way in PNG for Mobile Money.”

Mr Stone further said that Digicel CellMoni will continue to support and make available financial services to persons across Papua New Guinea that need access to these services.

CellMoni is an electronic wallet that allows Digicel customers and businessesto store, receive and perform financial transactions.

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