Jiwaka Province

Expanded Kudjip Hospital opened

The 10 million Kila expansion project within the ongoing master plan of improvements at the hospital was funded by the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership, through the Incentive Fund, and includes 2 million Kina in counterpart funding.

It has expanded the hospital emergency room, surgical outpatient area and operating theatres, as well as constructed a new obstetric ward and nursery, pharmacy, laboratory and dental clinic.

A new purpose-built training and administration building will support the training of doctors and nurses.

Giru Limited withdraws sponsorship

“Since being a first time sponsor last year, we made tremendous achievements and undeniably have set benchmarks in the history of PNGRFL and Jiwaka Province,” stated the firm.

“We brought for the first time, under our leadership, the Waghi Tumbe into the PNG Digicel Cup finals 2018. History has it that Waghi Tumbe has been a 'Wooden Spooner' however, we beat that record last year.

“Under our management, we sent three of our players (Joe Frank, Emmanuel Wayne and Joshua Nani) to the PNG Hunters Train on Squad, which saw Joe Frank make it through.

Thousands of Kina saved

The innovative project was funded through a K10 million grant by the Papua New Guinea-Australia Incentive Fund in 2011.

The hydroelectric project diverts water from a nearby river and funnels the water down a 1.2 kilometer channel, powering a turbine which produces electricity.

The project was largely delivered by the Hospital itself – the management team’s ingenuity and resourcefulness allowed it to be delivered at a fraction of what it would otherwise have cost.

Jiwaka plantation revival afoot

Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, announced in Banz on Monday that he intends to assist the province revive all rundown plantations.

Minister Maru informed locals that Jiwaka has one of the most fertile land in the Highlands Region.

However, many of the plantations that once thrived in the area have been neglected.

He said he wants to assist them revive the plantations and has already got the ball rolling.

Minister Maru also announced that he aims to introduce cocoa into the Province.

Minister pledges to help Nazarene Hospital

Despite the hospital being promoted to a provincial hospital status recently, there still remains infrastructural and personnel issues to address.

Maru visited the hospital on Sunday and gave his assurance.

The Minister made a surprise stopover at the Nazarene Hospital at Kudjip as part of his visit to Jiwaka Province.

Greeted by medical missionaries, Maru was given a tour of the facilities.

It was there the medical team informed him of their concerns.

These include facility upgrades and staff housing.

VIDEO: "Only one box will be set aside"

In a media conference this afternoon he announced that only one of the ballot boxes will be put aside, that box is from Kendu 1.

This comes after a state legal team for Jiwaka observed that video evidence only showed vote rigging for Kendu 1 and not the other five disputed ballot boxes.


Meredith Kuusa with more 

​Polling booth locations causing dissent

Election manager, Rossie Pandihau, said the issue arose from a certain electorate about centralising polling booths.

“This caused some candidates and supporters to disagree, resulting in an uproar.”

Pandihau said one of the returning officers was assaulted and more problems are expected to arise come the polling period in the province if the issue is not attended to quickly.

She adds that the electoral commission team has been corresponding with the team in Port Moresby to look at alternative ways to resolve the problem.

​Jiwaka quiet so far, reports PPC

Provincial Police Commander Joseph Tondop said this is because of the informative awareness that has been going in the province since December last year.

“We have not seen much activity with the people since nominations started,” said the PPC.

“People have gotten back to their normal everyday routine and are just waiting for polling to start.”

Tondop also raised concerns on the locations of the polling booths, where he suggested to the Electoral Commission to have them in central, populous areas that are at walking distance.

FB defamatory remarks case dismissed

This case involves a 26-year-old woman who allegedly posted defamatory remarks on social media, Facebook page ‘Jimi Politics Open forum’, against the sitting member.

Margret Opo of Karap village, Jimi district, Jiwaka Province, first appeared in court on November 1, 2016, where her charge was read and explained to her.

Three months on, police prosecution received no instructions from the investigating officers on the progress of the case, which prompted them to move an application to strike the matter out, which was allowed by the court.

Expanded accommodation for medical workers

This was made possible through a partnership between the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Inc.

“The work that Kudjip Nazarene Hospital is undertaking is exceptional. The new housing will allow it to continue to attract and retain the highest quality of physicians and nurses,” said Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (USAID/ASHA) director, Anne Dix.