Jiwaka plantation revival afoot

Plans are afoot to revive plantations in the Jiwaka Province.

Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, announced in Banz on Monday that he intends to assist the province revive all rundown plantations.

Minister Maru informed locals that Jiwaka has one of the most fertile land in the Highlands Region.

However, many of the plantations that once thrived in the area have been neglected.

He said he wants to assist them revive the plantations and has already got the ball rolling.

Minister Maru also announced that he aims to introduce cocoa into the Province.

He said while the cocoa borer pest has affected crops in the coastal areas, Jiwaka can host the new strain of cocoa borer resistant crops.

“I will make funding available to build a big cocoa industry in the province,” stated the Minister.

He said the purpose was to build the internal economy of the Province so that it can increase its internal revenue.

Cedric Patjole