Giru Limited withdraws sponsorship

Giru Limited, the official sponsors of the Giru Waghi Tumbe in the 2018 Digicel Cup franchise, announced today that it will be withdrawing its sponsorship in the 2019 Digicel Cup Challenge.

“Since being a first time sponsor last year, we made tremendous achievements and undeniably have set benchmarks in the history of PNGRFL and Jiwaka Province,” stated the firm.

“We brought for the first time, under our leadership, the Waghi Tumbe into the PNG Digicel Cup finals 2018. History has it that Waghi Tumbe has been a 'Wooden Spooner' however, we beat that record last year.

“Under our management, we sent three of our players (Joe Frank, Emmanuel Wayne and Joshua Nani) to the PNG Hunters Train on Squad, which saw Joe Frank make it through.

“We also assisted to send Gary Lo to France early this year, and we are also sending Henry Wan to France next week.

“We are also in the final stages of sending Sipa Korken, Emmanuel Waine and Joshua Nani to Sydney NSW Cup next month.

“Despite criticisms, Giru Ltd has so far committed itself for the good of the team, the players and the people of Jiwaka. Now that there is a conflict over the sponsorship, we feel it is healthy to withdraw for the good of the club, the people and the players.

“We sincerely thank you all the supporters, sponsors, fans and followers for all your support last year 2018. We also apologise for any inconvenience caused and accept any criticism towards us.

“Lastly, we wish the Jiwaka Development Corporation (JDC) good luck over the sponsorship this year, including the players.”

(Giru Waghi Tumbe, in green, during the Digicel Cup 2018 finals)

Press release