Nazarene Hospital

Nazarene Hospital Improving Healthcare Delivery

The hospital's expanded health services have benefited over 60,000 patients from Jiwaka and neighboring areas in the Highlands region.

Between 2006 and 2018, the Nazarene Hospital received three grants totaling PGK24 million from the PNG-Aus Partnership's Incentive Fund.

These grants have enabled the hospital to make critical upgrades, including the installation of a new hydroelectric system, the construction of new patient and treatment facilities, and the upgrade of the hospital to provincial hospital status.

Thousands of Kina saved

The innovative project was funded through a K10 million grant by the Papua New Guinea-Australia Incentive Fund in 2011.

The hydroelectric project diverts water from a nearby river and funnels the water down a 1.2 kilometer channel, powering a turbine which produces electricity.

The project was largely delivered by the Hospital itself – the management team’s ingenuity and resourcefulness allowed it to be delivered at a fraction of what it would otherwise have cost.

Historic expansion of Nazarene Hospital

The Incentive Fund, a partnership between the governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia, has provided K8 million, with the hospital providing K2 million of its own funding for the project.

The project includes a 70 percent increase in bed space for the Emergency Department; a doubling of surgical space for outpatients and the surgical operating theatre; a newly renovated ‘Krai building’; more storage for drugs; a new laundry; an additional obstetric ward and nursery, a new administration building and a dental clinic.

Minister pledges to help Nazarene Hospital

Despite the hospital being promoted to a provincial hospital status recently, there still remains infrastructural and personnel issues to address.

Maru visited the hospital on Sunday and gave his assurance.

The Minister made a surprise stopover at the Nazarene Hospital at Kudjip as part of his visit to Jiwaka Province.

Greeted by medical missionaries, Maru was given a tour of the facilities.

It was there the medical team informed him of their concerns.

These include facility upgrades and staff housing.