Nazarene Hospital

Thousands of Kina saved

The innovative project was funded through a K10 million grant by the Papua New Guinea-Australia Incentive Fund in 2011.

The hydroelectric project diverts water from a nearby river and funnels the water down a 1.2 kilometer channel, powering a turbine which produces electricity.

The project was largely delivered by the Hospital itself – the management team’s ingenuity and resourcefulness allowed it to be delivered at a fraction of what it would otherwise have cost.

Historic expansion of Nazarene Hospital

The Incentive Fund, a partnership between the governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia, has provided K8 million, with the hospital providing K2 million of its own funding for the project.

The project includes a 70 percent increase in bed space for the Emergency Department; a doubling of surgical space for outpatients and the surgical operating theatre; a newly renovated ‘Krai building’; more storage for drugs; a new laundry; an additional obstetric ward and nursery, a new administration building and a dental clinic.

Minister pledges to help Nazarene Hospital

Despite the hospital being promoted to a provincial hospital status recently, there still remains infrastructural and personnel issues to address.

Maru visited the hospital on Sunday and gave his assurance.

The Minister made a surprise stopover at the Nazarene Hospital at Kudjip as part of his visit to Jiwaka Province.

Greeted by medical missionaries, Maru was given a tour of the facilities.

It was there the medical team informed him of their concerns.

These include facility upgrades and staff housing.