Western Highlands Province

Repair works on Mt Hagen Airport Runway

The first repair work was carried out from October 2022 to April 2023 and just after four months, National Airports Corporation has announced another round of repair work.

 This is expected to cause inconvenience to the travelling public as NAC further states the adverse effects it will have on flights in and out of Mt Hagen.

Friendly Home Wal Festival recognised

This event serves as a platform for weavers, carvers, Bilum makers, and collectors of indigenous arts and crafts to showcase and sell their creations; a significant avenue for income generation for the local community as well.

In the Melpa language, "Wal" means "Bilum". The festival aims to promote opportunities for Bilum weavers, arts and crafts enthusiasts, and artisans behind Bilum Caps, traditional bows and arrows, grass skirts, and carvings.

Husband and wife, Julie and James Kewa lead the festival.

Weapons seized in Mt Hagen

This operation carried out in collaboration with the PNG Defence Force, dealt a significant blow to a suspected large-scale illegal weapons trafficking network that had been fueling tribal conflicts and domestic terrorism activities in the Highlands region.

The meticulously planned operation, executed under the leadership of Commissioner of Police David Manning, led to a series of arrests linked to the weapons trafficking network. These arrests were facilitated by the provisions introduced in the Firearms Act of 2022, championed by the Marape-Rosso Government.

Chimbu, WHP Polling Deferred

This has been confirmed by Chimbu Provincial Election Manager, Tom Sine Kaupa.

The deferral was made to allow ample time for preparations to be completed so that polling is conducted smoothly within the gazetted period. 

Polling for Jiwaka will be conducted today 15th July.

Kaupa added that all the ballot papers for Chimbu will be stamped and signed.
He said this is to avoid illegal practice on the ballot papers.
All polling in the country will be completed on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

WHP, Jiwaka, Goes To Polls Tomorrow

Jiwaka Provincial Election Manager, Rossie Pandihau confirmed the deferral with this newsroom today.

She clarified that the deferral was done as security personnel engaged for the province are still in Enga and Southern Highlands attending to election-related violence.

However, Ms Pandihau said polling officials for remote parts of Jiwaka have been deployed with sensitive election materials.

It will be a one day polling for both provinces. Meantime, Chimbu Province also goes to polls tomorrow.

Security Forces Set For WHP Polling

Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent John Sagom said the security personnel are ready and looking forward to the polling.

He said the Quick Response Force comprising PNG Defence Force and Police Mobile Squad personnel and the Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) will help the Western Highlands Provincial Police Command to deliver a free, fair and safe election.

Over 2000 Polling Officials For WHP

Provincial Election Manager, Philip Telape confirmed the number of officials to this newsroom yesterday afternoon.

“We are arranging polling materials this week as well as numbering the ballot boxes.”

Mr Telape said only polling vests will be worn by polling officials on polling days. He added that they are also preparing the counting venues and putting up tents as per the 11 LLGs. 

“We going to count under LLGs but all to be centralized at the provincial headquarters in Hagen town, at our usual Kimininga Barracks,” he said.

Election materials arrive safely in Western Highlands

Highlands Eastern-End Divisional Commander Assistant Commissioner Rigga Neggi said the materials were picked up by security personnel at Kagamuga airport in Mt. Hagen and brought directly to the police barracks.

Neggi added that while security personnel are monitoring the materials, he has warned the public to keep away.

“We do not want to see anyone coming around the Kimininga Police Barracks,” said Neggi.

“You have no reason to come around unless you are a security personnel assigned to watch over election materials.

Kagamuga Airport Lighting System Installed

The new system was installed and commissioned recently under Phase 1 of the Civil Aviation Development Investment Program (CADIP).

The new Airfield Ground LED Lighting System is compliant with ICAO requirements and standards and comprises;

Impersonator told to pay up

The Waigani National Court convicted and sentenced 47-year-old Ande Joseph to four years in jail for impersonating and misappropriating K61,000.

A man described by the courts as one with multiple identities, the father-of-seven impersonated his deceased uncle between June 2015 and January 2017, to access service providers’ payments from the 2012 National Elections.

Joseph Ande presented himself as Thomas Martin with intent to defraud Westpac Bank and the Electoral Commission.