PNG Defence Force (PNGDF)

PNGDF to Investigate PMGH incident

A statement released by the PNGDF this morning stated, “The headquarters PNG Defence Force has been made aware of the incident involving drunk soldiers at the Port Moresby General Hospital on Sunday.

“The Chief of Defence Force has ordered an urgent investigation into this matter and to ensure those involved are dealt with under the Code of Military Discipline and appropriate actions taken to ensure no repetition of such ill-discipline behavior occurs again.”

Security Forces Set For WHP Polling

Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent John Sagom said the security personnel are ready and looking forward to the polling.

He said the Quick Response Force comprising PNG Defence Force and Police Mobile Squad personnel and the Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) will help the Western Highlands Provincial Police Command to deliver a free, fair and safe election.

Soldiers told to manage Conduct

PNGDF Task Group 2 Commander Lieutenant Colonel Isidore Tobias in Madang last week said, “There will be no room for soldiers who are caught drinking beer and fraternizing while on operation. If you are found to be drinking in this place, you will be charged and deported on the spot.”

Lt-Col Tobias warned the engineer platoon to be more professional as they are representing PNGDF in this election and their conduct must be of the highest standard.

Police calls on citizens to be responsible

Assistant Commissioner Operations Samson Kua corrected this saying  police have in fact confiscated one blue field uniform, three police long pants with a boot as well as one set of PNG Defence Force camouflage uniform, one shirt and one short trouser. 

He said these items are now in police custody and investigations are being conducted into their origins.

In a post on Facebook page “PNG Political Limelights”, the author claimed that a flight chartered by a regional candidate for the Hela Province contained boxes of police and PNG Defence Force uniforms.

HMPNGS Cape Gloucester

Chief of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, Major General Mark Goina said the Australia - PNG Defence Relationship is at the highest level. Adding that it is the most enduring security partnership, founded on shared geography historical links and cultural ties.

Commander Goina said the project of securing the vessel was initiated through the combined capability assessment program that saw the decommissioning of HMS Buna and Salamaua, and the subsequent agreed purchase of Niuship Cape Gloucester, now the commissioned HMPNGS Cape Gloucester.

Medical Services, Women’s Health Prioritised

Representatives from the Wisconsin National Guard traveled to Papua New Guinea in March to strengthen their partnership with the Papua New Guinea Defense Force under the Department of Defense National Guard State Partnership Program.

The Wisconsin National Guard and PNG Defense Force partnership began in 2020 and supports U.S. Army Pacific and U.S. Indo-Pacific Command efforts to strengthen a free and open Indo-Pacific.

PM Commends Toropo For Service

Prime Minister Marape attended the Commissioning ceremony yesterday, Tuesday December 28, at Murray Barracks to witness the appointment of Major General Mark Goina as the new PNGDF Commander.

As part of his address, he thanked Major General Toropo for is commendable service to the force.

Outgoing retired Major General Gilbert Toropo served many years in the force and for the past seven years was the Commander. During his term as Commander, he managed to accomplish the game changing tasks that were required of him.

Drunkards beat teen, raze home

Among this group of eight men were three soldiers from the PNG Defence Force Goldie Barracks.

The incident occurred late yesterday afternoon.

Residents living at this settlement block met with members of the hierarchy at Goldie Barracks today to explain what had occurred.

The man, whose house was burnt down, is a serving member of the PNG Defence Force also.

His teenaged son was accused of theft and beaten up.

He and his family were assured by the Goldie Barracks hierarchy that an investigation will take place.

Defence Super Fund fixes Negative Contributions

This is an outcome following close collaboration with the respective payroll agencies of the Department of Finance, Department of Defence, and the PNG Defence Force.

CTSL CEO, Charlie Gilichibi, said ‘negative contributions’ is a long-standing industry issue that needs to be brought into alignment with legislative and regulatory compliance and putting in place controls to address operational risks.

A ‘negative contribution’ is used to adjust a previously overpaid contribution amount paid to a super fund by an employer on behalf of an employee.

Two PNGDF personnel detained over killing

The suspects will be handed over to the Boroko Criminal Investigation Division.

In a joint press conference this afternoon, Police Commissioner David Manning said they are working with the PNGDF to ensure justice is served.

“Let me stress this point, this was an isolated incident. An unfortunate and unnecessary one as it is,” said Manning.

“What happened yesterday was only through the Grace of God and through the effective leadership in both organisations that allowed us to mitigate the potential for this to escalate any further than what we saw yesterday.