National Airports Corporation (NAC)

Airport Bomb Threat under investigation

NAC in a statement said the rumour stemmed from a SPAM email received this morning, copied to airline companies including NAC.

NAC for now is classifying the email as SPAM as it works with police and defence to assess the threats and take appropriate security measures.

NAC says the email has been classified as SPAM for now as investigations begin to establish the source of the email and verify the claims made in the email of bomb threats on three aircraft.

NAC and TSI sign security contract

Both organizations signed the contract agreement today, allowing TSI to provide Security Services for NAC's landslide operations commencing on 1st February, 2024. The contract agreement is for a term if two years, ending on 31st January, 2026.

TSI is contracted by NAC to provide security for monitoring access control at the landslide checkpoints, monitoring vehicle movements at the carpark locations and providing security surveillance at all landslide locations. Their contract does not include passenger and baggage screening inside the terminal.

NAC to enhance security at airport

The NAC in partnership with Technology company, WinTop intends for this innovative solution to enhance safety, security and operational efficiency while also delivering cost savings for the organization.

This automated system will only be implemented at the entry to the curb side at Jacksons' domestic terminal and it will replace the existing manual system where it will utilize, License Plate Recognition technology to monitor and record licensed vehicles, to capture images and videos. It offers a range of benefits which include:

Tokua airport repairs to commence

The section of the runway (600m x 12m) has deteriorated over time due to the age of the runway and the impact of heavier aircraft operations. As a result of this repair work, the runway length available for operation will be significantly reduced, allowing for only Dash 8 operations during the maintenance period. The work is planned to be carried out within 12 weeks, depending on weather conditions.

Successful bidder, Hebou Construction has been selected for this important repair and maintenance work, following a stringent bidding process.

Ruling on Kiponge case delayed to 2024

This is after Kiponge’s lawyer made new submissions an additional supportive affidavit.

According to Kiponge’s lawyer the document contains sufficient evidence that will support Kiponge’s arguments and assist the court reach a fir decision.

However, Police Prosecutor John Wamulg objected to the application stating that the court has made its decision to make a ruling and the submission of this supporting document is an abuse of the court process.  

Kiponge’s lawyer argued that the defendant had the right to defend himself at the court at all cost.

Kintau calls to prioritize aviation safety

As NAC goes through another leadership tussle with former managing director, Rex Kiponge assuming office last week Thursday 7th December, following a court decision to quash the NEC decision that terminated him on 27 April 2023.

Kintau, who has an extensive experience in the aviation sector is calling it “enough is enough” and calls for issues to be solved amicably and allow NAC operations to run smoothly.

Works planned for Tokua

This is to ensure the return of jet services by Air Niugini (ANG), as currently the defects on the runway can only allow ANG’s Q400 and Dash 8 aircraft to land.

Apart from Air Niugini, PNG Air’s biggest fleet – ATR, which is similar in size to ANG’s Q400, are using the airport.

NAC Tokua Airport operations manager, Russell Paliai, said there are three phases of work that are planned for the airport, beginning with the post emergency works on the terminal facility.

He said this is to repair damages done after the September break in by a group of armed men.

NAC Addresses Pavement Failures

NAC Management recently conducted a review during the defects liability period, which revealed pavement failures. In response, the runway's length has been reduced to facilitate repairs by an independent contractor.

The repair work began on October 2, 2023, and is estimated to last up to eight weeks, contingent on weather conditions.

Tip-off leads to interception

The drugs were taken into Jacksons Airport on board a rural commercial flight from Woitape Airstrip in the Central Province.

After receiving the tip-off, the Airport Lukaut team then acted swiftly and collaborated with the Aviation Security and reserve police and Safety Assurance and Regulatory Compliance teams and conducted a stakeout operation, which resulted in the apprehension of four suspects and the confiscation of the drugs. The suspects and the drugs were handed over to the Police National Drug Squad on the same day.

Airport runway repairs progressing

NAC states, “The repair works were undertaken recently after we identified defects on a section of the runway. We anticipate that these works, which commenced on October 02nd, 2023, should take up to eight weeks to complete subject to prevailing weather conditions.”

This maintenance and repair work has caused the temporary downgrade of flights into Mount Hagen from Fokker 100 aircraft to Q400 or similar aircraft.