Tokua Airport

Gurias relocate to Port Moresby

With AirNiugini downgrading its services to dash 8 and Q400 planes this has caused delays and cancelations to flights in and out of Tokua over the past months.

After some serious consultation with PNGNRLC Board regarding the issue, the Gurias franchise and management made the decision to relocate to ensure that the team does not get stranded in the event of delayed flights.

Equipment to improve Tokua airport security

The National Airport Corporation (NAC), through a statement, has confirmed the installation of new equipment to replace the existing old and aging equipment and introduces primary personnel and check-bag screening at the entrance to the terminal facility.

Works planned for Tokua

This is to ensure the return of jet services by Air Niugini (ANG), as currently the defects on the runway can only allow ANG’s Q400 and Dash 8 aircraft to land.

Apart from Air Niugini, PNG Air’s biggest fleet – ATR, which is similar in size to ANG’s Q400, are using the airport.

NAC Tokua Airport operations manager, Russell Paliai, said there are three phases of work that are planned for the airport, beginning with the post emergency works on the terminal facility.

He said this is to repair damages done after the September break in by a group of armed men.

All flights to Rabaul Suspended

This is following vandalism at Tokua airport yesterday where the terminal sustained significant damage.

PNG Air in a statement cited safety concerns as the primary reason for this indefinite suspension.

It confirmed that flights will remain suspended until PNG Air can ensure safe operations in the province.

“The decision was made in the interest of passenger safety and to address the challenging circumstances on the ground,” it stated.

First tender operator at Tokua Airport

The OSHKOSH is fitted with all essential elements that will enable quick response, rescue and firefighting capabilities during any emergencies at the airport.

At Tokua Airport, 26-year old Ruth Tenanga, the only female in a Team of 10 Aviation Rescue Fire Fighters is tasked to operate this specialized vehicle.

That would make her the first Papua New Guinean female to operate an aviation fire-fighting vehicle in the country. The other airports who have these specialized aviation fire fighting vehicles are operated by her male colleagues.

Japanese Grant To Uplift Tokua Airport

Nobuyuki Watanabe signed the Exchange of Notes for grant assistances of 300 million Japanese Yen (9.2 million Kina) and 510 Japanese Yen (15.6 million Kina) on behalf of their respective governments.

The signing was last Friday, February 25, the first grant of K9.2 million will be used to provide heavy equipment and plant to the National Airports Corporation (NAC) at Tokua Airport and the East New Britain Provincial Department of Works to conduct maintenance on airport operations in a safe and secure environment and also support maintenance of roads.

Bad ENB weather affects Dash 8 services

The National Airports Corporation (NAC) has advised that the maintenance works on Rabaul airport, which were supposed to have commenced this evening (February 21st) have now been delayed until March 07th.

“As a result, Air Niugini will continue its normal Fokker aircraft schedule to Rabaul until March 7th,” stated the airline.

“The commencement of works on the airport runway cannot be carried out now due to continuous rainfall in the area.

ENB governor calls for Tokua upgrade

The Governor said the upgrade will allow the Province to have direct international flights and increase its tourism exposure.

The Governor believes the upgrade would be a significant investment and will have an immediate impact on the economy.

He stated that direct international flights would be cheaper, making it conducive for increased tourist numbers.

“I am trying and I’m appealing to the National Government to hear my cry to have the Tokua Airport to an international airport.

“Tourism is one of the best industries anywhere in the world.

​Improved airport infrastructure can minimise aviation risks, says Minister

This point was highlighted by Civil Aviation Minister Davis Steven and emphasised by National Airports Corporation (NAC) Managing Director, Joseph Tupiri, to statements by East New Britain Governor Ereman ToBaining that Tokua Airport needs an upgrade.

Governor ToBaining revealed this when welcoming Steven and those participating in the third Aviation Safety and Security Annual Conference in Kokopo.

He said the Tokua Airport last underwent an upgrade seven years ago on its runway, which is now in need of repair.