Waigani Committal Court

Sufficient evidence found against former MP

The ruling was handed down this morning and the case adjourned to give Amaiu and his lawyer time to respond.

The former MP is facing seven counts of defraud and seven counts for misappropriation. 

He is facing allegations he conspired with others at the National Housing Corporation and  Department of Lands and Physical Planning, to transfer 301 titles to PNG Resource Corporation Ltd.

It is also alleged he misappropriated portion 528 of Durand Farm, the government’s housing estate.

Contracts valued at K80,000 per allotment, totaling over K24 million.

Pangu Pati president committed for trial

Magistrate Mekeo Gauli told the defendant today in court.

The Court will convene next week to hear Pundao’s section 96 statement before handing down the final decision.

Pundao was arrested and charged with “dishonestly applying” on the 25th of April 2017.

Pundao, from Wapenamanda, Enga Province, was accused of dishonestly applying to his own use property, namely K50,000, which belonged to Pangu Pati.

Ruling on PANGU executives next month

Party president Patrick Pundao and General Secretary of the Party, Morris Tovebae, are in court over allegations they dishonestly applied K50,000, monies belonging to the party.

The money they allegedly misused is said to be nomination fees for candidates contesting the 2017 National General Election under the party's banner.

Magistrate Mekeo Gauli heard submissions from their lawyer, and the police prosecution and will give a ruling on June 12.

The party executives remain in bail.

Schram seeks bail variation to travel

Dr Schram was arrested on Wednesday this week and charged with false pretence.

He was arrested over allegations he produced falsified and fraudulent documents relating to his PhD qualification, which he obtained on 24 November 1994 from the European University Institute.

He appeared at the Committal Court on Thursday after he was allowed police bail of K2,000.

He returned today before the same court with his lawyer, seeking variations to be made to his bail conditions.

Council distances itself from Schram’s arrest

Unitech reached an agreement with the former vice-chancellor following his judicial review proceedings, which were dismissed last month, to release Dr. Schram to leave the country with his final entitlements.

Since establishing this understanding, both parties have moved on.

Unitech understands that police are investigating a complaint lodged by the former council in 2012.

The university maintains its stance and clarified that it has nothing to do with these criminal investigations.

Kikoli’s attacker before court

Her former partner, Clement Manguva, also a police officer based with the Dog unit, has been arraigned before the Committal Court over her brutal assault on March 3.

Manguva who is on a K500 police bail had his case adjourned to June to give CID officers time to investigate further and compile a police hand-up brief in court.

This document will assist the Committal Court weigh out the evidence against Manguva, who was charged with one count of grievous bodily harm.

Apart from the criminal case, he is also facing disciplinary charges within the constabulary.

Case against Central PA dismissed

Raga was in court over allegations of abuse of office since his arrest in August last year.

He was on bail of K5,000.

Police alleged Raga abused his office when he refused to pay K4.7 million to a company called Rumbam Engineering Limited for road works along the LNG impact villages of Boera, Papa, Lealea and Porebada.

Waigani Committal Court Magistrate, Cosmas Bidar, last week dismissed Raga’s case after his lawyer put to court that there was no case to answer to.

Man in court for stealing flour

Frank Haka from Mei village in the Gulf province appeared on Tuesday at the Waigani Committal court for his case.

The Area sales manager was arrested and charged with stealing from his employer on December 16 last year.

He allegedly conspired with an officer from the Express Freight Management last year to steal 10 pallets of flour that day, an order that was meant for P&B Chung.

Court awaits escapee’s statement

The prisoner who broke out from Buimo prison in Lae while serving a 9 year sentence found himself in court again, this time in Port Moresby, for armed robbery allegations.

Andrew Jawa was arrested and charged for armed robbery and unlawful use of motor vehicle, with two others, over a robbery incident that took place at Koki Salvation Army office in April last year.

While in custody, police and Correctional Service realized he was an escapee from Buimo, and slapped him with an additional charge of escaping lawful custody.

Sexual assault cases prevalent

A senior magistrate at the Waigani Committal Court, Cosmas Bidar raised the concern when arraigning a 20 year old youth who was recently arrested over the persistent sexual assault of a 6 year-old.

He said something is wrong in society and cases of such nature are becoming prevalent and the courts are seeing them every day.

He made this comments after reading the charges against a youth from Mul Buyer area in the Western Highlands Province.